Photographers, designers, artists, and others have relied on stencils throughout history to communicate, create, style, tag, narrate and much more. From cave art to the industrial revolution to the work of Warhol and Banksy, stenciling has long been an important player in creative culture. In recent years, large-scale printing and laser cutting have made stencil art more popular than ever, influencing the graffiti scene as much as architects, graphic artists and DIY interiors. Today, another new era begins, as Morpholio unveils “Stencil,” the world’s first digital stencil for photography, as a tool inside their already popular Trace App.

With “Stencil,” building rich, multilayered images has never been faster or more fluid. You can create your own toolkit of figures and custom graphics with a custom pattern or module, or have “Stencil” automatically turn any image you can find into a custom template in seconds. In addition, you can discover an array of pre-made illustrations and symbols that have been artfully created.

“Creating stencils sits perfectly between the sketch and the quick photo. The stencil is the quickest path to distill an image into an actionable idea.”

04_Morpholio Stencil_Diagram_01_Butterfly

The new tool works with the app’s variety of color palettes, created by the award wining graphic design firm MTWTF. Trace offers eight unique pen types, including pencil, charcoal, marker and brush. Imagine seeing your words, product or face on the side of a building. You can now make that happen.

Stencils make your mobile device work for you in a new way. They take the images you’ve captured and turn them into productive, powerful tools to tell a new story – whether talking to a client or the world. Export effortlessly to scale as PDF or directly to your favorite social media or cloud service.

“Trace Pro is the future of how we work: fluidly between media, and across devices – mobile and desktop together.”