When the Syrp Genie was first announced, one of the major selling points (and still is in my opinion) was that the Genie can work with any slider thanks to the rope-and-pulley system it employs. But additionally, the fact that the system could use ropes instead of hard rails meant that folks were building platforms for the Genie meant to span above the ground, like a  zipline. For years you have had to build your own if you wanted to do this, but today Syrp is finally releasing an out-of-the-box solution so anyone can take advantage of this totally unique feature.

For $989, the Syrp Slingshot can mount across any span and “float” your genie across, allowing you to get totally unique timelapse angles that are basically impossible with any other system.

slingshot2 silo-2 3axis

Shoot 1, 2 or 3 Axis time-lapse and add production value to your films with this unique motion control tool. The Slingshot is a ‘Genie’ Compatible motion control kit for shooting time-lapses over long distances of up to 300ft (100m) in length.

The Syrp Slingshot is available now.