American Photographic Artists (APA) has picked out the winners of the 2016 APA Awards. Photographer Brad Trent of New York took the lead in this year’s prestigious photo competition, with his portrait of Patti Smith at Penn Station.

A total of 34 winning images in 12 categories were chosen based on personal creative expression and technical excellence. “We greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness and time that the 21 creative professionals judging the competition put into discussing the images with each other,” says Juliette Wolf-Robin, APA’s National Executive Director. “The judging is blind, so they can only decide based on what they see and believe best represents the category. There are many outstanding submissions and narrowing to just a few is no easy task.”

The APA Awards are open to photographers around the world – members and non-members alike. This year’s show boasted winners from the all around the USA, as well as the UK, France and Manila, who all got their fair share of more than $100,000 worth of prizes in photo equipment, software, and subscriptions to valuable business and marketing programs that help photographers succeed. The grand prize (Canon 5DS) along with a glass trophy will be presented to the Best of Show winner at PhotoPlus Expo in October.

Here’s who the judges have picked, aside from Brad Trent’s picture shown above:


1st place – © Rob Gregory

2nd place – © Jimmy Chin

3rd place – © Sue Barr


1st place – © Tim Griffith

2nd place – © Jeremiah Gilbert

3rd place – © James Ewing


1st place – © Vincent Dixon

2nd place – © Erik Almas

3rd place – © Nate Dorn


1st place – © HollenderX2

2nd place – © Maxine Helfman

3rd place – © Scott Council


1st place – © Matt Sartain

2nd place – © Patrick Heagney

3rd place – © Ethan Pines


1st place – © Jamey Stillings

2nd place – © Valeri Lionard

3rd place – © Allan Borebor


1st place – © Danielle Tsi

2nd place – © Ignacio Umana

3rd place – © Hannah Benet

Fine Art/Personal

1st place – © Kristofer Dan-Bergman

2nd place – © Kushal Kapoor

3rd place – © Todd Baxter


1st place – © Isabella Bejarano

2nd place – © Todd Antony

3rd place – © Chris Edwards

Still Life/Food

1st place – © Maren Caruso

2nd place – © Stephen Hamilton

3rd place – © Jeff Zaruba


1st place – © Seth Joel

2nd place – © Chad Holder

3rd place – © Rob Brodman