There is a reason DJI has been king of the drone mountain for years now, and it’s because they not only make incredible innovations on products they have had success with, but also how quickly they answer competitor products with their own. Last year Lily demonstrated some incredible ability, and not long after DJI announced their plans for the Phantom X, which would do everything the Lily promised and more. Now GoPro’s new Karma is the target, with this unofficial video showing the “Mavic,” a pocketable drone designed for greater appeal and easier travel. 

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Forbed heralded GoPro for beating DJI to the “cheap, foldable, easy-to-use” drone race, but it doesn’t seem to be by much. The new Mavic, which the leaked video above shows, appears to do everything the Karma does… with DJI’s proven tech. Based on the video, the Mavic is going to have extremely precise satellite control, letting it return home with insane accuracy. It also has “vision” sensors, allowing it to avoid obstacles below and in front of the Mavic.


Oh, and it has a gimbal. Which is huge. DJI’s gimbal tech is outstanding, and the fact this little guy has one is a huge bonus.


DJI managed to cram most of their highly sought-after tech into this tiny drone… and make the Karma look a lot less polished.

The video also shows off new VR goggles that can be used with the drone to fly in first person, and mentioned that this little guy is going to be able to reach 40 MPH. That’s fast.

Battery life is expected to be 27 minutes, which is pretty impressive.

We’ll update this post with more information when the video is officially released by DJI (along with product specs), but for now it’s pretty clear: DJI doesn’t stay beaten for long.