There are a lot of portable hard drive solutions available on the market, but none of them really make photographers feel “safe.” Most of them offer little to no LCD screen, and the more popular ones just offer blinking lights as an indication of what is happening. That doesn’t make us feel certain that the product is working. We need a screen, and an interface that looks like what we are used to on Mac or PC. We need to see the files alive and well on the drive before we would consider formatting a card. When we can’t do that, even if we use the “backup” solution, we either won’t format the cards or we won’t trust the backup until we plug it into a computer. That’s a pain in the butt, and thanks to Flash Porter, we might finally be able to trust our mobile backup solution.

Flash Porter is intended to benefit anybody who takes photos and video for any number of reasons. Smartphone photographers will have an easy way to back up photos and videos from the smartphone camera roll and free up limited storage space. Action camera users can backup content directly from the microSD card without needing SD card adapters. Professional photographers and videographer will be able to backup any digital camera memory card format quickly and safely.


Flash Porter includes internal storage ranging from 2TB to 500GB in capacity, a 3.5” screen, USB connection to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, direct connectors to popular memory card formats including SD, CF, and microSD cards, support for other memory card formats via their respective USB card readers, and a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that can backup up to 250GB on a full charge.

  • Fast and Easy Backup for your Photos and Video
  • Smartphone and Tablet supported
  • Copy up to 250GB on one battery charge
  • Small, light and easy to carry
  • Works with any digital camera format

flashporter-front_all_devices flashporter-cf_card

With Flash Porter, you have different ways to manage your backups:

  • Full Backup with defaults – All your files will be backed up to a newly created folder.
  • Full Backup by selecting target – All your files will be backed up in a specific folder that you choose or create.
  • Incremental Backup – Backup your files to an existing folder. Duplicate photos will be skipped.
  • Export – Select one or more files and export to the location you choose.
  • Copy and Paste – Select one or more files to copy and navigate to the location to paste them.

The interface will be able to view RAW files produced by a wide range of cameras, so you can preview them without also being forced to save JPEG images as well.


The pricing for the Flash Porter isn’t crazy either, and there are a ton of options that are being developed:



I’m not usually a proponent of Kickstarters because they can masquerade as a pre-order site when really many companies use them to get money for an idea, not a product that’s even close to finished. But in this case, I spoke to the Flash Porter team and they have working models already. They’re as close as a small business can be to do a production run, and they intend to hold up their end of the bargain.

For more information on Flash Porter, make sure you check out their Kickstarter.