It’s a big week for tech. Today, October 26, Microsoft is hosting a massive unveiling event at Spring Studios in NYC. We’re here reporting live on everything new and exciting in the world of Microsoft. Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft’s October 26 event. This story will be periodically updated throughout the day, so be sure to check back as the news develops.


The Next Chapter of Windows 10

It’s clear that Microsoft’s focus is creativity. Soon, the “Windows 10 Creator’s Update” will roll out, “releasing the 3D creator in all of us,” making it possible for anyone to create, share, and experience 3D.

The Creator’s Update will incorporate a 3D program that seemingly allows users to intuitively create 3D images, and bring 2D images to 3D projects using the “Sticker Tool.” Microsoft says it will be as “simple as taking a photo or video.”

Live on stage, they’re recording a smartphone video of a sandcastle, which is being scanned in real-time to the device as a 3D image. This brings us to Paint 3D, a new iteration of the program, designed specifically for 3D imagery. Alongside this is Remix, a platform that hosts 3D imagery, lets you collaborate with other users, and offers the ability to 3D print directly from the site. This update will be integrated directly into Paint, and users are also able to export their Minecraft creations directly to it. In addition, 3D will be incorporated into Powerpoint where the content can be fine-tuned for presentations.

This brings us to HoloLens, which ties all of this 3D programming into the real-world. After seamlessly creating, capturing, and editing 3D imagery, HoloLens transforms it into original mixed reality creations. With this is a lineup of HoloLens upgrades, such as HoloTour, enabling full-scale interactive VR content in HoloLens. Microsoft is also releasing a new line of VR headsets, starting at only $299.

Now let’s talk gaming. The Creator’s Update is designed for eSports and game broadcasting. An Xbox representative is now on stage, guiding us through a platform called Beam, which allows users to watch and interact with other people’s game-play. “But spectating is easy,” she says, “so with the Creator’s Update Beam broadcast technology will be integrated directly into Windows,” making it simple for anyone to launch a broadcast. At the same time, Xbox Live updates others while you’re playing, so broadcasters can easily build an audience. Arena on Xbox live will be integrated into Windows 10 as well, giving users the ability to intuitively set up custom tournaments.

The next announcement focuses on sharing and connecting with a key feature that finally allows users to instantly drag and drop content into messages. All of this will be integrated into one platform that puts everything in one place so you can easily filter through it. This includes Skype, SMS for Windows and Android phones, and Mail.

Early builds of the Creator’s Update will be released this week to all Windows Insiders.

“The Ultimate Laptop”: The Surface Book i7

The newest edition of the Surface Book lineup features 30 percent more battery life (16 hours in total) and two times more graphics than the highest-end Surface currently on the market. It is available today for pre-order for $2,399 and will ship in November.


New Product: Surface Studio 

“It’s gonna seem familiar but it’s gonna feel different,” said Panos Panay, the leader of Microsoft’s devices team. “I believe in this thing where your ideas can be your most valuable assets. I also believe this product will help you bring your ideas to life.”

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It’s important to note that The Surface Studio is designed for creative professionals. It boasts the thinnest LCD monitor ever built at 1.3 millimeters, which is housed in a seamless forged aluminum enclosure. With a 28-inch display armed with 13.5 million pixels, it offers a TrueColor profile, bringing increased color depth and calibration. This also allows users to convert color profiles, let’s say DCI-P3 to sRGB, on the fly in one simple click or touch. At 192 PPI with a 3:2 aspect ratio, it’s clear that if everything promised is delivered, this is a photo and video editing powerhouse.

Here are some specs:

– Linear mic array with Cortana

– 32gb RAM

– i7 processors

–  2TB drive

– Stereo 2.1 speakers with Dolby Premium

– Haptic feedback sensor

– Studio HD camera, focused on high-end video conferencing

– Fold able monitor with zero-gravity hinge, fine-tuned springs, allowing for a 20 degree drafting angle, that does, in fact, turn your desk into a studio

– Pricing: $2,999


The Surface Dial 

The surface dial is “a new tool for the creative process,” which sits on screen or off screen and can be used a scroll wheel to select different processes within Windows. It also works perfectly with the Surface Pen, for example, you can change colors while drawing without even picking up the tip of stylus.

Stay tuned for more updates on Microsoft’s October 26 Event.