It’s pretty fair to say, that besides our cameras, the most important tool visual artists need with our craft is a color-accurate, wide-gamut monitor/display to work with. NEC recently sent me a set of EA275WMI 27-inch monitors that not only offer a full balance of features, size, and price range, but also allows you to span your display across multiple screens. Yes, that’s right, not one, but two 27” HD displays to work with.

This feature is even more incredible when you factor in the 178 degree viewing angles (no joke!) preventing color shifts, glare, and banding you’d see on other devices in similar viewing situations (like for when you are showing images to a client viewing from over your shoulder).

Bonus/Human Sensing!

The EA275WMI has several features that make it stand out above the crowd. The “Human Sensing” feature is one of those. What sounds like a gimmick is actually a pretty powerful tool to increase the longevity and accuracy of your display. The Human Sensing feature from NEC uses built in infrared sensors to tell when you’re in front of the screen, and when you’ve happened to get up and walk away to get that 4th cup of coffee of the day. When you’ve stepped away (when this feature is enabled), the monitor(s) automatically dim or turn off all together to save time on the unit which can add a lot of hours to the life of your monitor, and save energy, thus reducing your power bills over time. It’s a win win getting more life out of your equipment and saving cash down the road.


One thing that makes me a little jealous with these monitors over my 4k “big brother” version is the very improved menu system and button responsiveness, so changing any settings is an absolute breeze. The EA275WMI also acts as a three-port USB 3.0 HUB with the standard DisplayPort, DVI-I, and HDMI connections for video inputs. Included on this model is a DisplayPort Out that enables you to connect a second display to span multiple monitors or mirror (as desired) and a ControlSync in/out connection. These let you adjust the brightness or any other setting across all of your monitors at the same time just by adjusting it on one! This keeps you from the annoyance of micro adjusting and calibrating one monitor at a time hoping to get it right across the board!



Keep this in mind, in large environments like a video game conventions or graphic / video editing houses with dozens or even hundreds of monitors, you can calibrate a single device and push that information across the rest instantly. For most of us at home users that’s not such a big deal saving just a few minutes of time…but for large work environments this can be hours, or even days worth of saved time!

Technical Details

Height Adjust [mm]130
Panel TechnologyIPS
Brightness [cd/m²]350
Resolution (optimum)2560 x 1440
Response Time [ms]6
  • Feature Set for Perfect Office Use – Integrated Speakers, headphone jack and USB Hub provide excellent options for office communication.
  • Green Product Concept – Eco Mode and Carbon Footprint Meter / Carbon Savings Meter, Ambient Light Sensor.
  • Image display – 27inch 16:9 IPS with LED backlight.
  • Ambient Light Sensor – with Auto Brightness function always sets optimised brightness level according to ambient light and content conditions.
  • Human Sensor – detects the presence of a person in front of the screen; display switches on/off automatically depending on the presence of the user.
  • Easy Multi-Monitor Setup – DP Daisy Chain and ControlSync for easy setup and control of highly productive multi-monitor setups.
  • DICOM Simulation – for straightforward radiological review applications.
  • Cost Saving Device Management – save effort whilst managing all connected NEC devices from a centralised location by using the NaViSet Administrator 2 software tool.


When it comes to bang-for-buck, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the NEC EA275WMI monitors! Starting with an MSRP of $679 (but with sale prices i’ve seen as low as $500) for the stand alone display or with the SpectraView Calibration Kit & Software for advanced color calibration at about MSRP $800. The prices for either are absolutely astounding when compared to competitors in the 27 inch market that are nearly double the price, for 1/2 the resolution and nowhere near the features.

NEC EA275WMI 27-inch Monitor
Great Price Point - $679 MSRP with sales ranging from 500+ depending on bundlesOut of the box ready to rockResponsive and sleek menu/controlsCalibration is insanely accurate with SpectraViewLightweight compared to other monitors of it’s sizeHuman Sensing feature is insanely usefulColorSync when spanningMuch better audio controls compared to the older models
The lack of a “included” Displayport to Thunderbolt cable/adapters for Mac users was a little frustrating, but it was nothing a $10 Amazon visit couldn’t fix
Build Quality10
Ease of Setup10
Color Accuracy9
Input Options 7
Quality of Viewing Experience10
Price Point10
Overall Appeal9
Reader Rating 3 Votes