If you are a lighting junkie, then this new product from Light & Motion is right up your alley. Capable of producing an incredible 10,000 lumens, the Light & Motion team says it’s four times as powerful as a typical HMI and far smaller and more portable. The Stella Pro 10,000C weighs just 1.7 pounds and comes packed in a shockproof and weatherproof housing.

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Engineered with practicality mind, the Stella Pro 10,000c Single Point LED (spLED) light is compatible with the full range of snap on light modifiers and mounts from Light & Motion. Compatible with both AC and DC power, the Stella Pro 10,000c features a built in variable speed fan for cooling which automatically engages when the power output exceeds 8,000 lumens. Like all Stella spLED lights, the Stella Pro 10,000c offers a smooth, evenly dispersed, flicker-free 120-degree native beam that’s balanced at 5,000K across all power settings.

That kind of power is exactly what folks who take productions out of the studio and into the wild look for. It’s easily transportable and small enough to mount anywhere… even on a drone.


Now available in the US, for $1,999, the Stella Pro 10,000c also includes a 50-degree focus optic, press-on barn doors, a c-mount stand, and a power supply.

Light & Motion also has several other power output options depending on your need, and they all share the rugged design of the 10,000c. I recommend checking those out as well.