Many of us know Hive Lighting for its original, energy-efficient plasma lighting technology; but now, they’ve launched a Kickstarter for its first-ever LED system, and it could very well redefine image-makers’ approach to lighting for photography, video, and events.

The WASP 100-C is a continuous LED light with full saturation controls, allowing for infinite color combinations, which can be programmed through professional DMX boards, a manual interface on the light itself, or through Hive’s smartphone app. With a CRI—or color rendering index—of 98, it’s capable of mimicking any color gel or natural daylight. In addition, it’s compatible with Profoto’s wide range of modifiers and accessories, which can be adapted to pair with Bowens, Elinchrom, and Chimera products.led-lighting-kickstarter-hive-4

“Hive is still very actively developing and expanding our plasma technology, but we are always looking at unique technologies we can develop,” said Hive Chief Product Officer and Founder Jon Miller. “We became excited about the possibilities of using a 5 color round LED array to create higher quality white light and greater full color control than was currently available in existing LEDs. When we realized we could achieve this incredible color and control we wanted to make sure it would be affordable and easy to use, after that it seemed like an obvious choice to introduce it to our customers.”


Needless to say, there are a few things that make the WASP 100-C special, whether you’re an amateur, professional or just like to experiment with new and interesting gear.


“I think the most interesting use we have seen is the combinations achievable when using all three of the color controls, hue, saturation and color temperature in conjunction,” said Miller. “The ability to start with a base white light color temperature anywhere from 1650K – 8000K and then combine that with 360 degree hue range and different levels of saturation allows for an unbelievable amount of creativity when lighting. The other use has been the ability to combine it with photo accessories. A good example of this is putting the light into a beauty dish, one of my favorite light modifiers, but difficult to gel effectively, having almost infinite color options in a dish source is really a cool tool. “


Aside from the expansive control it delivers, its affordable price point makes it an ideal setup for amateurs or those on a budget, as it’s planned to retail for $1,100, or $799 if you pledge on Kickstarter. “Similar controls in an LED with lower color quality start at over $2500,” said Miller. “For less than $1,000, being able to match any kind of light in any location with a single source and not needing to bring along gels is a lifesaver, especially when you are working with a limited budget. This light is very forgiving, a huge amount of power in small package that really allows you to experiment. The app is also extremely helpful for an amateur, compared to historically remote control for lighting required expensive DMX lighting boards.”


The WASP 100-C is available now on Kickstarter, complete with a video walk through and behind-the-scenes testing with its creators. 

“For photographers, cinematographers and lighting designers this control allows for a huge amount of creative possibilities to create looks, set moods and doing amazing effects for both beauty and product work, Miller added. “It can also be very exciting when you think about large lighting arrays for studio or stage applications when you have these kind of spot lights with robust back end controls available through DMX lighting boards.”

See additional specs for the WASP 100-c below:


  • 100-240 VAC input via power supply
  • 12 – 28 VDC  input via 4-Pin XLR
  • 98 CRI / 97 TLCI
  • Omni-Color LED (1650K – 8000K)
  • 360 degree Hue controls, 0-100% Saturation
  • 0 – 100% Dimming Control
  • Manual, DMX, Smartphone Control
  • 5 Lbs
  • 6″ Length x 4″ Diameter body
  • 5″ Reflector face


  • Wasp 100-C™ Head Unit with 22° Reflector
  • Wasp 100-C™ Power Supply 100-240 VAC
  • HDP Lenses: Spot, Medium, Wide, and Super Wide
  • 5 inch 4-Leaf Barn Doors

Visit the Kickstarter page to help bring the WASP 100-C to life.