The holidays are right around the corner, so we’ve put together a selection of gifts for photographers and filmmakers. This article was curated with one principle in mind: to recommend equipment and accessories that any image-maker would be delighted to receive, from strobe lighting to travel tripods. Here are 5 incredible holiday gifts that would impress any photographer or filmmaker, whether hobbyist or professional, and in no particular order.

5. Gitzo Mountaineer Tripod


The Gitzo tripod line has been a long-time favorite of Resource, and even won our annual year-end “Best Of” awards for 2015. This particular model, comprised of a Mountaineer Tripod and Center Ball Head, is especially excellent for anyone who likes to shoot on the go, such as travelers, street photographers, or landscape fanatics. It’s slim, sleek and simple design makes it appealing to the eye, while its carbon fiber material makes it a lightweight yet durable backbone of a photographer’s kit.

4. Manfrotto 3N1 Pro Light Backpack


It’s hard to think any modern photographer wouldn’t clamor over the versatility of this bag. With three carry options—backpack, sling bag, and cross-backpack—the 3N1 is designed to carry a DJI Phantom, Canon XC100, or other camera bodies with plenty of room for additional lenses. This makes it ideal for the video shooter, as side pockets make it easy to quickly swap out gear, and interchangeable dividers are used to fit the needs of nearly any equipment selection. It also comes complete with a rain protector, while the bag’s outer fabric features a water-repellant treatment that makes it perfect for trekking through a blizzard.

3. Bowens XMS500


It’s more than just the sexy form factor that draws us to this new Bowens studio strobe. Internally, this particular model packs 500 watts of power, perfect for humble studio setups and professional portraiture. These units are fully digital, which ensures the accuracy of flash power and color temperatures, while making it intuitive for the beginner to operate—and beloved by professionals who are tired of getting bogged down on gear during a shoot. We highly recommend this strobe for those first exploring the world of lighting, as it’s great for simple one-light setups, yet will be a powerful staple of more complex techniques as one progresses. Additionally, the Bowens Lumiair Octobank is an excellent, multi-purpose softbox and a great accessory for fashion, portrait or lifestyle photographers.

2. Manfrotto XPRO Monopod+ Tripod & Video Head


This monopod is a videographer’s dream. The XPRO video monopod is equipped with Manfrotto’s FLUIDTECH system, enabling incredibly smooth pans, tilts, and swivels for nearly any perspective. It’s constructed from Adapto Technopolymer and Aluminium, making it lightweight and easy to carry, and comes complete with the Manfrotto 200PL plate, the most widespread photographic plate on the market. Also, with a maximum height of almost 80 inches, it’s excellent for videographers who leverage the height of their monopod to reach above crowds, while its retractable feet make it extremely portable for travel adventures.

1. Lastolite Tri Flip kit


Often, it’s best to keep it simple, and if you’ve made it this far, you may still be undecided on your holiday gifts. But think no more. If you’re shopping for a photographer or filmmaker, you can never go wrong with a good ol’ reflector kit. This particular kit, known as “the tri flip,” offers an 8-in-1 solution, so image-makers can be ready for nearly any lighting scenario without the need to carry additional bulk. Armed with a 2-stop diffuser and seven colors, this reflector array is foldable for maximum portability, as it collapses to one-third of its size. Not to mention, it includes a lifetime rim guarantee, in which Manfrotto will repair it free of charge if the rim breaks or comes apart. If you’re shopping for a photographer or filmmaker, under no circumstance could you go wrong with this one.





This article was sponsored by Manfrotto Distribution