“A Faster, More Powerful Experience.” That’s how Phase One calls its new Capture One Pro 10, a major release of the world’s premiere raw conversion and image editing software, released today. Designed to support wide-ranging workflows of both professional and passionate amateur photographers, Capture One Pro is known for rendering some of the finest image color and detail from more than 400 digital camera models. Now, based on customer feedback, Capture One Pro 10 “puts superior user experience center stage – with interface improvements, under-the-hood tuning, and exciting new features that furnish the fastest, most reliable and most powerful performance yet.”


Those are some pretty intense press release words. But what exactly is new in Capture One Pro 10?

  • Enhanced User Experience. Faster browsing, zooming, panning, and ease in switching between images even at 100 percent view. Also, a new default workspace offers a more intuitive experience for new users, with examples for getting started.
  • Greater control, with a three-stage image sharpening process:
    • A new lens tool option corrects lost sharpness caused by diffraction;
    • User-defined creative sharpening (utilizing a new Halo Suppression slider and a new blending algorithm) allows the photographer the option to sharpen an entire image, or just various elements within it;
    • User-defined output sharpening in the recipe tool. For print sharpening, users can also specify the distance from which the final output image should be viewed.
  • On-screen proofing. An enhanced proof mode takes the guesswork out of the raw conversion process. From the viewer panel, users can now simulate the final size, resolution, color, compression artifacts and sharpening of images. This is especially useful for live assessment of files – particularly small files for the web and for optimizing image compression quality.
  • A look into the future of image editing: Inspired by video grading processes, users can now access Capture One Pro directly through a Tangent panel system. This fully integrated panel is a new interface for image editing – for deep dive color and image adjustment –– allowing fast, multiple input commands simultaneously, while viewing the master monitor as the editor “feels” input into the application.
  • A camera focus tool module for tethered cameras, especially useful for product, still life, macro, and Cultural Heritage photography projects.
  • And all of these things: search by orientation of images, optimization of Jpeg output for size/quality, move folders in catalogs, auto masking extended to any editable file type (including Xtrans), improved compressed RAW and Fuji support, hardware acceleration, stripe reduction LCC for 100MP, optimized LCC creation, computer ID in license for activation management and Apple script – new properties (Mac only).


Capture One Pro 10 is available now for the Mac and Windows operating systems online and from Phase One authorized partners worldwideOwners of Capture One Pro 8 and 9 may upgrade for $99, and for customers who have purchased Capture One Pro 9 since November 1, 2016, Phase One is offering a grace period, exempting them from the upgrade fee. Eligible customers can download their update today at phaseone.com/download and reuse their license key. New customers can purchase Capture One Pro 10 for $299, and everything is of course also available by subscription. For a complete list of newly supported cameras and lenses, go here.