Nikon recently asked a third party company to survey Americans to see how many of them were looking for 360 degree and VR content/devices, and found that 90% of Americans believe content they currently watch would be better viewed in such a way. The study also revealed massive potential for growth in the 360-space, as while only 25% have used a 360-camera, and less than half (49%) are at least somewhat familiar with the technology, nearly three quarters of Americans (72%) are interested in trying out a 360 camera.

This finding is not surprising in the least to me, though maybe the “90%” number was higher than I anticipated. Nikon of course is interested in these findings thanks to their recently-launched KeyMission 360 camera. As such, they made a visually exciting infographic out of the findings of the survey:


Here is a bit more information on what was asked in the survey:

Respondents were asked what content, if any, that they currently watch would be better if shot with a 360-degree camera.

  • An overwhelming nine out of ten (90%) Americans indicated they believe some content would be better viewed in 360, while 3 in 5 (60%) believed sports and travel content would be better with a full 360-degree view
  • Other responses included: live entertainment (55%), movies (39%), news programs and documentaries (31%) and television shows (30%)

Respondents were asked if 360-videos can capture content in more exciting ways than traditional video technology and what types of experiences they would like to capture using a 360-camera.

  • An overwhelming number (92%) of Americans want to use a 360-camera to record personal experiences, including vacations (60%), family moments (53%), milestone events (45%), outdoor activities (42%), sports they play (19%) and even getting intimate with a partner (15%)
  • Nearly all those surveyed (98%) agreed that 360 videos can capture experiences in more exciting ways than other video technology on the market

Respondents were asked about their overall familiarity with 360-degree cameras and VR content, alongside their interest in trying this new technology in the future.

  • Only one in four (25%) of Americans have used a 360 camera and less than half (49%) indicated that they were at least somewhat familiar with the technology, indicating that 360-degree video hasn’t quite gone mainstream just yet
  • However, interest in the technology indicates that the platform is on the rise, as nearly three quarters (72%) of Americans responded that they wanted to give it a try

Of course this helps promote the direction Nikon is going, but I don’t disagree with the findings. The general public is indeed interested in 360 capture devices they can easily use, and there are more and more ways to view that content with each passing month. This looks like it might have more staying power than 3D televisions, which is a good thing for creatives who are looking for new ways to make compelling content.