Syrp has announced the latest filter addition to their line, the “Super Dark Variable ND Filter,” which will ship in both an 82mm and 62mm size (with step-up rings to fit other lens sizes included) and should be available December 15.

The Super Dark Variable ND Filter provides exposure reduction of 5-10 stops or ND32-ND1024 using a smooth, adjustable front ring. The filter also has a front thread adapter so you can easily stack filters if needed and it will also fit your regular lens cap.

Syrp has also added built-in physical stops on the ring in addition to clearly marked points to keep you in place and avoid the “X” that can appear with variable NDs.

  • Made from high quality Japanese glass
  • 5-10 stops of light reduction (ND32 – ND1024)
  • has front thread for stacking filters
  • comes with genuine leather carry case with lens cloth
  • Two step up rings per size (Small + Large) for maximum compatibility
  • High Definition coating for clarity.

To put the Super Dark to the test, we sent a team of Photographers; Shawn Ogulu, Dean Cothill, and Craig Howes along with Videographer Jacques Crafford to capture Iceland’s dramatic landscapes over the course of 9 non-stop days. With only 5 hours of light a day, the team took advantage of Iceland’s incredible waterfalls, mountains and ice formations to get some epic long exposure shots using the Super Dark Filter.

If you shoot regularly, you’re probably already familiar with what a variable ND can do for you work. But in case you aren’t, check out some of the amazing photos taken with the new filter:

dsc_6891 iceland-ice-river-man-using-filter iceland-knob-mountian iceland-waterfall-bridge iceland-waterfall-falling-from-sky iceland-waterfall-high-view iceland-waterfall-through-cave iceland-waterfall-valley iceland-waterfall-wind-spray iceland-waterfall iceland-waterfall-over-cliff img_0019-1 img_0213 img_0352 img_1452-1

You can pre-order the filter starting today, and as mentioned it will start shipping on December 15.