It’s hard to take a trip to New York City without noticing the amazing street art that is fanned across all five boroughs. The sometimes dull and gray buildings that make up the concrete jungle serve as a blank canvas for the many artists who saturate this city. From businesses to parking garages, many of the metropolis’ surfaces have been explored and employed by the thousands of muralists that convey their message through their art.

Here are 10 of the most Instagramable murals and where you can find them.

House Of Yes: Bushwick, Brooklyn

The iconic “Yes” sign painted outside of Brookyln’s weirdest sex club is one of many things that attract tourists to this unique venue in Bushwick.  The cool toned walls and eye-catching designs look good under any Instagram filter.

Temper Tot: Little Italy, Manhattan

American pop-artist Tom English was asked to create this mural for the Little Italy Street Art Project (L.I.S.A), an organization bringing together a diverse group of street artists to historic Mulberry Street in the Little Italy neighborhood of New York City to create Manhattan’s first and only mural district. English’s inspiration for the piece came from the Incredible Hulk and his two kids Zephyr and Mars.

Dodworth Street: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Founded by Dodworth Street Senior Center in Bushwick, Brooklyn, both sides of this residential street are covered in beautiful murals that change occasionally throughout the year.

Audrey Hepburn: Little Italy, Manhattan

Also a part of the L.I.S.A. Project and inspired by the Manhattan legend herself, you can find a multi-colored Audrey Hepburn on the southeast corner of Mulberry and Broome street.

Colorblind: Stapleton, Staten Island

Often overlooked as a tourist destination, Staten Island is home to many beautiful murals and diverse residents. Island native Kwue Molly came up with the concept for this mural to represent all of the different countries that inhabit the borough and even had them help in the creation.

The Bushwick Collective: Buswhwick, Brooklyn

Inspired by the recent election, Miami graffiti artists depict Donald Trump as Batman villain the Joker, holding a knife to the Statue of Liberty in this massive painting.

I Love The Bronx: Foxhurst, Bronx

Located at the Simpson St metro station, this”I Love The Bronx” sign can be a little difficult to shoot without a wide angle lens. My suggestion: if you’re using a smartphone, switch to the pano feature  to make sure you get the entire shot.

Monster House: Huntington Village, Long Island

Created as part of the Huntington Arts Council’s SPARKBOOM program presenting opportunities for emerging Long Island artists, this brightly colored building is covered in cartoon-like faces that attract children and Instagram users alike.

First Street Green Park: Lower East Side, Manhattan

Started in 2008, First Street Green has converted a derelict building lot at 33 E. 1st Street in Manhattan into an open art and green space. For the avid street art Instagrammer, the addition of some foliage to your posts will provide a refreshing change of pace.

Banksy: Upper West Side, Manhattan

Any New Yorker who was living in the city during Banksy’s one month residency in 2013 will remember the havoc it wreaked upon the city. Though many of his art pieces were either stolen or taken down, this one still remains in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Make sure to get your selfie with it before it’s gone.