David So started off his career as a stand-up comedian in Sacramento, CA before bringing his comedy to social media five years ago. He now creates comedic videos for his Youtube channel, DavidSoComedy, and has gained well over a million subscribers. His videos range from lighthearted topics like peeing in public to edgier things like talking to fellow YouTuber Julie Zahn about what cum tastes like.

In a recent vlog, he goes off on “the perception of reality” perpetuated by social media. This nearly 8-minute long tangent calls out social media users for not portraying life as it is; but rather, what they think life is supposed to look like. “Too many people out there think social media is reality,” he said. “Ima [sic] tell you this right now: social media, the things that you see on Instagram, and a lot of the things you see people post, is not fucking reality.”

And he certainly makes some solid points. So we’ve compiled a list of ways social media is lying to you, along with some advice to soften the blow.


1. What You See on Social Media is What You Get IRL

What you see on social media is what actually happened IRL, right? David finds that many of his viewers believe this to be true, and he’s so not sorry to break it to them that, “it’s not, bitch.” Social media is a mere portrayal of real life, and the end result is for entertainment purposes.

2. Social Media Stars Are Always Happy

Just because many Vloggers wake up with smiles on their faces, say they are happy, and appear to be living the dream, that doesn’t make it true. Humans lie, especially when it comes to happiness. You think social media stars never feel depressed? Well, they do. Even the ones who may tell you they aren’t lying, because they know that’s not what you want to hear. You want hope, you want positivity, you want entertainment. And that’s why you’re on social media in the first place: to escape from your own depressing reality.


Sometimes you have to learn grammar to get the best, too.

3. Your Life Sucks

On Facebook, you see an acquaintance having the time of their life in Europe and start thinking about your own life in comparison. You may conclude that your life sucks. But the truth is it doesn’t. For all you know, this acquaintance could’ve gotten bed bugs from sleeping in a hostel or been pick-pocketed moments before. The point is that no one’s life is perfect and everyone’s life sucks from time to time, so stop comparing it to others, especially people you don’t know.

4. Every Second of A Social Media’s Star’s Life is Interesting

A lot of us enjoy following vloggers, many of whom post daily. Although a lot of them do incredible things like partying at mansions or snowboarding while being pulled by a drone, they still do plenty of mundane things when the camera’s not recording. This includes running multiple businesses or simply sitting in their room writing material all day, as David does, for example. Even Krispyshorts, one of the most energetic and positive vloggers today, divulged that he’s stressed AF from keeping up with his business. And yet, many social media stars insist that life is rainbows and unicorns, whom David refers to as “social media fucks.”

5. You Can Live Like a Billionaire Too

Dan Bilzerian is a billionaire who rose to fame via social media for his posts featuring him surrounded by half-naked models while traveling the world playing poker and partying. However, he’s admittedly gained an undisclosed fortune through inheritance, and David reminds us that you do not have a “billion fucking dollars.” Remember, these people’s lives are marketed for entertainment, which is far from a guide on how to live your own life.

6. Watching Other People Succeed Will Make You Feel Worse

On that note, if you do follow social media stars for more than just entertainment, don’t let their success—or your lack of it—bring you down. “You are supposed to use them as an example to further your own life and better your life, not for you to sit there and wallow about why your life sucks,” David said.

7. You Owe Social Media Stars For Your Success

If you happen to achieve your goals thanks to inspiration from a social media, David points out that you don’t owe them shit. According to the vlogger, “a lot of social media fucks perpetuate this idea,” as he’s heard the “cockiest shit” from YouTubers who think their existence is the reason for peoples’ will to live.

8. Fame Will Make You Happy

As a social media star himself, David knows many people in the industry who are addicted to fame and others who can’t get enough of it. But the truth is this won’t make you happy. Speaking personally, success in the eyes of others is a pleasurable feeling, but it’s not equivalent to happiness. The things that will make you happy are real life relationships with others, doing things you love to do, or doing you things you don’t love to do in order to be able to do the things you do love to do. Make sense?

9. The Likes You Have on Social Media Reflect How Much People Actually Like You

As humans, it is natural for us to want instant gratification. One of the ways we achieve this is getting Likes on the content we post on social media. Many of us have become so obsessed with appearing well-liked that we take down the posts that don’t get much traction. David wants you to stop doing this. He believes the amount of likes you get on social media is not a reflection of how much people like you IRL. “If you are so focused on creating a fictional life, when do you have the time to actually live one yourself?” he said.

10. Social Media Is the Best Way to Connect

How many of you socialize online when you have real humans sitting next to you? Probably mostly everyone with a smartphone. It’s become commonplace to constantly check our phones, even among the company of others. Sure, social media is inarguably the best tool for connection humanity has ever seen, but how many “social media friends” have actually converted into long-term friends and colleagues? The answer is probably very little compared to those you have met in person throughout the course of your life.

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