The 51% minority took over the world this weekend with protests erupting on all seven continents. Of course, the largest turn out was in Washington D.C., where the Women’s March was first initiated in response to the election and inauguration of President Donald Trump. The organizers had predicted that 200,000 people would show up to the march, and shocked everyone when that number was surpassed by nearly 300,000. With nearly half a million people in attendance, it comes as a surprise that the protest remained peaceful even with the addition of a few Trump fans in attendance.  Having been there myself, I can attest that the energy was mostly positive and the speeches given by politicians and artists were inspiring. Even though each woman and ally’s reason for coming to the march was as diverse as they were, Trump’s attempt to divide them by race, class, gender, religion, ability, and sexuality is what brought them together in solidarity in the end.

Here are some of the photos that reveal the mixed emotions of those who participated in Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington.


Protesters march to United States Capitol, Robert James via Flikr


Angela Peoples stands with sign in front of United States Capitol, Kevin Banatte


Police point pepper spray at photographer, Robert James via Flikr

Protestors speak their mind with creative signs, Robert James via Flikr


Protestors stand up for the LGBTQ rights, Danielle Wong

D.C. police keep up with protesters on bike, Robert James via Flikr


Abandoned protest signs scatter a D.C. metro stop, Lauren West

One protestor defends abortion rights in front of The National Archives, Claudia via Flikr


Protestors shake hands with U.S. Military, Danielle Wong


Moms march in Washington D.C., Danielle Wong


One person uses megaphone to express opinion at march, Robert James via Flikr


Banners explain reasons for protesting, Robert James via Flikr


The amount of protestors is seemingly endless, Robert James via Flikr

Protestors show their anger in front of Trump International Hotel, Robert James via Flikr

A sea of signs overwhelms protestors, Robert James via Flikr

Both teens and elderly stand together in resistance, Robert James via Flikr


Some protestors fear fascism with Trump as President, Robert James via Flikr

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