January 5th, 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada. Yet another edition of the world-renowned CES tradeshow kicks off. Get yourself over there before January 8 if you don’t want to miss some of this year’s newest innovations and trends. There is a lot to experience, and we could of course always offer you a selection of what we think are the must-sees. But a lot of other outlets are already doing that, and we thought it would be better to help you get the most out of this year’s CES, based on experiences we had during previous editions.

1. Sneaker up

They don’t call CES “the world’s greatest tradeshow for consumer technology” for nothing. It spans Las Vegas in three show locations: “Tech East” (which is in the already enormous Las Vegas Convention Center), “Tech West” and “Tech South.” The more you’ll want to see, the more miles you’ll cover. So make sure to treat your feet nicely.

2. Stay close

Try to book a hotel or find a friend’s place close to the venue. The taxi line at the end of the show spans about three miles. And nobody likes to wait for hours and coming home in the middle of the night. But since people are coming from all over the world, it might be hard to stay close. If you had to resort to somewhere far away, it’s best to walk a few blocks away from the venue, and to take a taxi or an Uber from there.

3. Don’t be one of the masses

Avoid the events for the masses – just read about them in the press the next day. You will experience some of your best times if you manage to find special, more intimate or exclusive events. Or try to reconnect with the same friends or VIP’s year after year. Try to develop traditions, and stick to those that can help you build relationships with your favorite CES show-goers.

4. Use the app

Put #CES2017 in the palm of your hand by downloading the all-new official CES app. It was created to help you navigate through the mazes – use it. It contains a full list of exhibitors, events, speakers, and it’s available for AppleAndroid and Windows Phone. There’s also an opportunity to network with other CES attendees, and remember what we said above?

5. Focus your explorations

CES is big. Really big. And you don’t want to lose a tremendous amount of show time by venturing from one site to another. Keep your explorations consolidated to one section per day.