Did you know there is a website where anyone who needs a fresh breath of vitality can buy bottled air from the rocky mountains? Photographer Benjamin Von Wong brought this scary trend to our attention, reminding us that no one really benefits in the long term if the world keeps using coal. To get this message across, Von Wong once again (remember #MermaidsHatePlastic?) uses his art.

Even though Von Wong’s latest project is titled “Mad Max meets Trump’s America,” he says it wasn’t politically inspired. But then Trump promised to “bring back coal.” Suddenly, Von Wong’s “fantastical concept” started to feel a lot more real.

Nine months ago, Von Wong embarked on his quest to find post-apocalyptic soldiers trading, using and controlling oxygen beneath a coal mining machine. When he pitched his idea to the Wasteland Warriors, the game was on. They brought their epic collection of clothing and props to Ferropolis, and with the help of eight dedicated models, more than a dozen volunteers and specialized equipment from Phase One, Broncolor and Three Legged Thing, the project was brought to life.

“Volunteers from all over the country came to participate in this creative project, Including a baby, giving us the chance to take photos that look like they came straight out of Mad Max.”

“An ‘oxygen harvester’ made out of a fishbowl and a teapot became the centerpiece of one of our shots.”

Von Wong doesn’t really expect countries to ever become as polluted as depicted in his shots. Even with President Trump, he thinks it’s “unrealistic and improbable.” But the fact remains that coal still presents some very real health risks, so why don’t we all finally focus on the future instead of digging up the past?

“Oxygen for now, remains a commodity free for all… I hope it stays that way.”

The photographer posted two behind the scenes videos on his YouTube-page, but one of his assistants also shot some impressive BTS photos: