It’s not easy to grow a following on social media. Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube… they’re all pretty much saturated markets, and if you haven’t been in the game for a while now, you really have to be hella good to stand out nowadays. Or you have to be lucky enough to be the first on the next big platform.

That’s exactly what our boy Krispyshorts concluded after discovering the latest video of Lena the Plug, in which she promises to make a sex tape when she and her boyfriend both hit 1 million YouTube-subscribers. Someone sure is hungry for attention.

First question: will she do it? At this point we can assume it’s a full-on “yes.” Take a look below at the some of the content she has so far published on her YouTube-page, for example. Clothing seems highly unnecessary to her. And when you go through the comments below her latest post, you quickly discover there’s already a sex tape out there.

Second question: why? Don’t get us wrong—we’re not being judgmental. If sex on camera is your thing, go for as many positions as you want. It’s just a little strange to link it to hitting 1 million YouTube-subscribers. Making money could be an obvious motivation, but you can only generate money if your subscribers actually watch your videos (a thing called “cost per impression”). In other words: if Lena the Plug reaches her desired number of subscribers, but only a fraction of them actually start watching her video’s (because the actual sex tape will not be allowed on YouTube), she’ll only end up to be known as “the sex tape girl,” with not enough cash to not have to care about it.

That’s where Krispyshorts comes in again, with a spot-on conclusion. The key to legitimate growth, is good content. Sure, you can talk about having sex on camera or post a funny clickbait-thumbnail to draw people in, but if your content is not good, people will not come back.

Jerry Media’s Krispyshorts offers to film the tape if he hits 100,000 YouTube-subscribers.

But maybe Lena the Plug just likes the attention and the thrill of being watched while getting laid. And who ever said there’s anything wrong with that? Feel free to show some love if you support her. But if you’re more of an actual content-lover, show Krispyshorts some love.