Last Tuesday, Casey Neistat had a quick question. The YouTube star’s new employer had offered him the opportunity to go to the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States, but Casey had no clue what to do there. So he turned to his viewers, asking them what he should create.

“I want to do something for this YouTube-channel… But I don’t know what that ‘something’ should be.”

With the transition of power on January 19, Casey decided to go to Washington D.C. on the 18th. That way, he had time to get his credentials and to discover our nation’s capital. He had some awkward encounters with fans, while noticing how strangely quiet the city was, even though there were people everywhere. At the end of the day, he still didn’t really have a plan for the next day.

“There’s people everywhere… But it’s silent.”

By Inauguration Day, Casey had all the credentials, passes and invitations he needed to witness Donald J. Trump’s swearing-in from D.C’s National Mall. But he didn’t go to the inauguration. Instead, he listened to the one clear suggestion his viewers seemed to have. He went away from the Capitol, and he talked to people.

The people’s wish was clear…

And Casey tried his best to reflect the broadest spectrum of opinions. From people calling Casey out for “fake news,” to people concerned about women’s rights: they all had their say. One woman expressed the possibility that Trump might turn out to be “a very good president.” Another attendee advised the president to “keep his mouth shut” a little bit more. Aside from that, Casey witnessed the riots and a randomly naked man – check out his “scenes.”

Conclusion? Even though Casey said that he wouldn’t be in D.C. as a CNN reporter, that was some pretty nice reporting!

“You guys are fake news,” one person voiced his opinion.

Michael thought the inauguration was “a whole lot of trouble for nothing.”

All the necessary credentials, and still witnessing the inauguration via smartphone…

On one block there were riots…

… on another block there was a naked man.