Louktarn Ticha once was a pretty famous Thai air hostess for Emirates. Not that long ago, she had over 150,000 followers on Instagram, and they all watched her posting the most enviable travel shots. Until she was busted for Photoshopping.

Even though her photo editing skills weren’t the best, it wasn’t until December of last year that people started noticing the falsifications. One of Ticha’s followers discovered how one of her images, supposedly taken in Canada, actually was taken by Tiina Törmänen – with whom Resource Travel recently did an interview – in Lapland, Finland.

It didn’t take long for Ticha to start removing some of her photos. After a while, she even took down her Instagram account @ticha_ek. But not before inspiring dozens of fellow Instagrammers to follow her lead. Using the hashtag #ticha_ek, a lot of people suddenly seem to be going to their dream destination.

And it’s hilarious.


[original story and images via Coconuts Bangkok, ispiration via PetaPixel and Bored Panda]