With 19 new innovative features, Udee might just righteously be considering itself “the world’s most versatile backpack.” It’s been designed to be easily portable, while easily storing all of your belongings. The nine functional compartments inside store everything from your camera or laptop to your passport or sunglasses, supposedly making it perfect for everyone from globe-trotters to those just trying to get out of the office.

“Some belongings need to be easily accessible, and some need to be protected. Udee can take care of that and more, with its different storage zones. The designers of Udee integrated functions that make it adaptable to any situation.”

Some of the Udee’s most striking features include a portable cooler, safety LED lights, a USB port for charging, an earphone pocket and water resistant fabric and waterproof zippers. The backpack also comes with an anti-theft feature and a “high-quality coded lock” to assure you some peace of mind.

“Fragile belongings need to be protected. Most backpacks aren’t equipped with protective panels, because they are expensive and difficult to design. Udee changed that with its 360 protection system, that can protect not only your cameras and lenses, but any fragile items, without fear of damage.”

All that comes with improved weight distribution due to careful design features, including an S-shaped belt and an X-shaped back support structure. The only thing the creators now need to do, is achieve their $20,000 goal. Visit their Kickstarter page if you feel like showing some love.

But Jesus, this thing is ugly. Perhaps it does enough to make you forget that, but it’s something we can’t really ignore.