Admittedly, weather conditions might have been far from ideal, but other than that, the proposal depicted in this picture seems nearly perfect. Candles in the shape of a heart, rose petals, flowers, New York’s skyline and Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop… Who wouldn’t say “yes” to that? To top it off, the couple had their magic moment captured in an equally perfect engagement photo.

Only… The couple didn’t really anticipate to have this shot taken— not hiring a photographer or asking a friend, for example. A Redditor who calls himself “JTran1” just happened to be in the neighborhood, carrying around his DSLR. He saw a group of people standing together around a peculiar scenery, and when he came closer, he noticed how a proposal was about to happen. So he hung around.

“About two minutes later, a friend brought her, and as she walked down the aisle, everyone gave her a single rose,” JTran1 writes on Reddit. And because “the couple seemed preoccupied” with hugs, kisses and congratulations after she had said yes, JTran1 left without an email address to send his picture to.

But when the hobby photographer edited the picture when he got back home, he noticed that he had shot a pretty awesome photo. Feeling extra guilty for not asking contact details, he took his picture to Reddit: “To the newly engaged couple – I hope this picture finds you! Congratulations!” Even though his post was met with some skepticism and some classic Reddit nonsense, it took just a day to actually find the couple. “I cant believe this! This is my engagement,” the newly created Reddit-account newly_engaged shouted with glee.

“We did it Reddit!”

[via and Huffington Post]