Elia Locardi got his major global exposure when Fstoppers.com released a tutorial featuring his work. Since then, Elia has gotten the credit and love his work deserves, and SmugMug is the latest crew to highlight what it’s like to be what the Locardis call “location independent.” Elia and his wife Naomi do not own a home. They do not rent an apartment. They live where they are, and travel constantly. It is a crazy challenging lifestyle to have, and is insanely difficult to keep up, but it works for them.

I highly recommend watching the film, as the nine minutes go by really quickly. It’s very well done, and gives a great glimpse into what it’s like being the Locardis.

Below are some images from the video, along with some captions from Elia:

Colors and light blend beautifully as soft fog rolls through the enchanting hills of Val d’Orcia Tuscany.

The beautiful Vernazza at twilight, one of my favorite towns in Cinque Terre, Italy.

Twilight falls over the quiet little town of Vernazza, a jewel of Le Cinque Terre, Italy.

An old pagoda and a sea of cherry blossoms frame the beautiful and timeless shape of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Illuminated in soft twilight, Osaka Castle floats on a sea of beautiful cherry blossoms.

Lamplight illuminates the seemingly endless rows of vermilion torii gates in Kyoto Japan.