Resource Magazine received, and continues to receive, an overwhelming response to our list of top photography blogs to follow, but we really wanted to update it to be more relevant to what we’re reading these days. To do so, we present to you a new list! Go through these blogs, read them, grasp new concepts and get inspired! With that, here is a lineup, in no particular order, of 12 photography blogs we think you should follow in 2017 (you know, besides Resource of course).



Fstoppers rose to fame in the photography world when co-founder, Lee Morris, conducted a fashion photo shoot using just his iPhone 3GS. This is only one example of the creativity and innovative thinking the blog has projected to its readers since being launched in 2010 by both Morris and co-founder, Patrick Hall. The site offers tutorials, reviews and advice for both beginners and experts in the field.

DP Review

DP Review  was founded in December 1998 and today holds the title as being the most popular digital photography site in the world. The blog includes a large, digital camera database, camera and technology reviews, photo galleries, photo contests and much more. DP Review is very informative and is a great tool for your first dive into photography.


PetaPixel is another helpful photography site for beginners. The layout of the site is very easy to follow and the articles really break down their how-tos, but not in a way the instructions are dumbed down. Writers for the blog also post interesting stories that may inspire you to go out and start taking pictures. In addition to educational content, PetaPixel actually specializes on sharing stories about the culture of photography. If you want to know the general mood and flow of the industry, PetaPixel has you covered.


RGG EDU Blog is probably for the more advanced photographer, but don’t let its content intimidate you. The website offers awesome reviews on new, fascinating technology that you definitely want to learn more about. Not to mention the sweet giveaways they post in their contests section. They also post a lot of content from their tutorials, showing a lot of behind-the-scenes content that is always helpful.

CreativeLive Blog

CreativeLive Blog  is one of the most helpful blogs on this list. Whether you are an Instagrammer who recently decided to become an actual photographer, or someone who has been in the business for decades, this blog offers online classes and tutorials for any level. Even an expert photographer can take a class and learn something new.


The Retouchist  webpage is not only pleasing to go through, but the site presents many interesting photography-driven articles, as well as various how-to articles. The writers of the blog keep readers engaged and informed at the same time. Also, the site offers photoshop tutorials for those who want to get into the editing side of photography.

No Film School

By the looks of the title of the website, its mission is kind of self-explanatory. No Film School  is where filmmakers and creative innovators come together to learn from each other, and they express “No Film School” is required. From advice from Hollywood directors to blog posts showing readers how to make their footage look more cinematic in Adobe Premiere Pro, No Film School proves its dedication to help both film and non filmmakers.

SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge has the most interesting interviews with the best in the biz. The amazing writers have talked to Jade Beall, Eli Dreyfuss, and many others, and these interviews are definitely must-reads if you want advice from those who have successful careers in the field. SLR Lounge is also a great site for tutorials for new technology and equipment as well as tech reviews.

Ken Kaminesky

If you’re looking for a beautiful, mesmerizing photography blog, look no further because Ken Kaminesky has mastered the art of travel photography. He’s shot commercial lifestyle images for stock photography companies like Getty Images, Corbis and Jupiterimages, and in 2016, he co-founded Discovery Photos Tours. Besides his photos that you can get caught looking at for hours, you can also get lost in Kaminesky’s storytelling on his blog. I guarantee you will want to pack your bags after seeing all the magical places Kaminesky has been.

Eric Kim

Eric Kim‘s street photography is both inspiring and simple. Most of these blogs give specific, in-depth advice, like what kind of cameras to use, or tutorials on the latest editing software, but Kim’s posts relay a different message: His philosophy is if you want to be a photographer, just go out a do it. In his own words: “no matter what your situation in life is, there is no better time for you to be a photographer than now.” What I like about Kim’s photo blog is that he offers advice on how to just take the chance in following you passion. He also has a YouTube page, where he reviews equipment and posts videos of his street photo shoots.

Light Stalking

Every photographer knows lighting is absolutely essential in any kind of shoot. Light Stalking  provides tips on how to illuminate your photography, as well as advice on subjects like how to take better photos on Instagram, and easy guides for photography beginners. Lightstalking also provides lightroom presets users can utilize on Adobe Lightroom when finalizing their images. These presets will make any photo look elegant and picture perfect.


Ok yes, it’s a company blog but bear with us: it’s not what you think. Yes, if you’re trying to figure out the best equipment to get, LensRentals certainly has that angle. Writers breakdown the pros and cons of each product, feeling it out for themselves and then reviewing how the product may help or not help you, the photographer. The site also compares products so you know what you should be investing your money in. But more than that, LensRentals is the absolute best source for the most in-depth pieces on the science behind equipment. Thanks to their huge warehouse of gear, they’re able to evaluate equipment en masse, which gives them a totally unique angle on what stuff actually does what its advertised to once introduced to scale.

Retouching Academy

The Retouching Academy has one mission: to provide education to those as passionate about retouching photographs as they are. You will learn from the best of the best in this business: professional retouchers, published experts and award-winning photographers and digital artists. Whether you’re just figuring out how to navigate Photoshop, or you’re an expert just looking for a daily dose of their Instagram inspiration, this website has plenty of interesting and knowledgable content.

MusicBed Blog

Ever wonder who wrote your favorite television show’s theme song? Or have you ever found yourself looking for unique, underground music to use for your film? Well look no further because MusicBed Blog has everything you want. The site features cool and interesting artists, their sessions, and articles getting into more detail about each one. I definitely recommend checking this one out for those in the film biz.


Phoblographer offers tips, reviews, and photography news for those interested in what’s going on in the field, or in learning more about new methods and equipment they can’t wait to get their hands on. There’s also a cool tab for inspiration, which includes photography anyone visiting the site would fall in love with.

Premium Beat

Premium Beat is a helpful, informative site for filmmakers and those wanted to learn more about video editing, video production, motion graphics and more skills within the industry. This website not only includes tutorials on Final Cut Pro, Avid, and more, but the writers also have an abundance of interesting and engaging articles for those who want to know more about what goes behind the scenes of a certain film, or are aspiring to be like their favorite filmmaker.

Those are our current favorites, but they certainly aren’t all the options out there. What do you read on the daily? Let us know in the comments below!

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