If you don’t know what Plotagraph is, it’s a software that allows you to animate still images. Instead of having to capture the movement beforehand, which is what you have to do with cinemagraphs, Plotagraph allows you to add that movement to any still image you’ve ever taken. That means though it may not work for every image, the ones it does work for look… really good.

Below is the original photo taken by our travel editor, Michael Bonocore, of Resource Magazine owner Alexandra Niki during a team retreat in Jamaica last year:

Nice photo right? Well, Plotagraph ended up working really well with the image, giving it movement and “life.”

Before you raise an eyebrow that this might be an ad, all I can do is assure you that it is not. A lot of Plotagraph images don’t look nearly as good as this one because of the way the software works. The blending and moving of certain frames on things like leaves looks generally pretty bad, but in contrast we’ve noticed that fire and water give the best results.

Anyway, Plotagraph isn’t cheap, and you have to really be invested in doing this a lot in order to get your money’s worth, but creating images like this work really well on Instagram to add a new element to your images. But man, when it works… it really works.