Yes, the number of complaints about dongles and docks with regard to the new MacBook Pro is sky high right now. It’s all the rage to talk about how much you hate the dongle, and if that’s the case for you personally, OWC has your back.

As you can see, the OWC DEC adds an SD card slot, ethernet port, and three USB Type A (USB-3) ports total. Additionally, it acts as flash storage, adding 4 TB of space to your laptop. It’s disappointing that it doesn’t have at least one Thunderbolt 2 port, since that’s something Mac users undoubtably have a ton of, but what this offers is pretty spiffy for those who miss the ports on their older MacBook Pros.

Though this will likely be mainly used as a desktop piece, it is “portable.” It just makes the MacBook a lot heavier, and with the thickness of about the 2012 MacBook.

The downside here, in addition to that girth and weight, might be price, which OWC hasn’t officially announced but is likely to be expensive. Like, maybe a quarter the cost of the MacBook Pro. Which isn’t nice.

[Via Gizmodo]