Since things are pretty rough in the political world right now, with millions of marchers fearing the loss of civil rights, the need for a smile might be much more necessary than usual. Well, how about a loud, unrestrained burst of laughter? Because that’s what these engagement provoked in us.

Seriously. Look at this. 

These shots of the future Mr. and Mrs. T-Rex were taken by Greg Basel & Maria Adams, two professional photographers out of Liberty Lake, WA. They came up with the “Love isn’t Extinct” idea themselves, because they wanted to share two messages to the world:

1) To make others laugh and smile since there is so much depressing and sad news surrounding us daily

2) To let everyone know no matter who you are there is someone out there that loves you.

We shot the photos on Sunday January 15th at Mirabeau Park in Spokane Valley, WA. In the costumes we have Stephanie Mills (Maria’s cousin) and Marian Davis (Stephanie’s friend).

Greg tells Resource Magazine they chose these two models because they had personalities that matched the suits. They aren’t actually engaged.

Judging by the pictures below and a behind-the-scenes video on Facebook, the shoot was hilarious. Head on over to Greg and Maria’s website for more pictures from that day, and share the love with as many as possible!

Well, we needed a laugh and we got one. Thanks Greg and Maria!