So you want to be big on Instagram, but you don’t really know how to make that happen? How about taking a word of advice from a guy who quit his job in finance when he hit 100k followers, soon to tap 235k followers: friend of the Resource Magazine family, @krispyshorts. After quitting his job, he and meme-king @fuckjerry started their own advertising agency, while still managing to find some time for a daily vlog. In his most recent episode, Krispyshorts reveals his trick to become big on Instagram: memes.

@krispyshorts and meme-king @fuckjerry, keeping it real in London last week.

The Jerry Studios team spent some time in Europe last week for some business meetings. Upon returning, they agreed they would help some companies grow on this side of the Atlantic. There will be some more meetings in New York City next week, where Jerry Studios will present their marketing strategy. It’ll be a busy week for “meme consultant” @bean and Krispyshorts!

But why memes?

People like to laugh, that’s no secret. They also like to share laughter. When a company has a nice picture to try and promote themselves on social media, people might appreciate it, but not feel tempted to share. When that same company shares something funny, the game changes. People will “at tag” their friends and start sharing the post, and when enough people do that, the company will start to show up on Instagram’s “Popular Page.” And that’s how you blow up on Instagram.

“Meme consultant” @bean and @krispyshorts.

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