Believe it or not, but “Museum Selfie Day” is actually a thing. London mother Mar Dixon, who runs a website about museums and art, came up with the idea in 2014, after visiting several museums with her young daughter. “A one-day, crowd-sourced phenomenon promotes awareness of great collections of work being housed in national and regional museums,” she told CNN in 2015.

The idea quickly caught on, with celebrities gladly joining the hype. This year’s “Museum Selfie Day” took place on the 19th of January, and people were once again sharing hundreds of selfies. Some of them took their task to promote art seriously, some of them gave the idea a rather creative twist. Here are our 10 favorite ones, but feel free to go and see if you can find any better ones.

Is #MuseumFaceSwap still a thing? Well it is for #MuseumSelfieDay!

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THERES A #museumselfieday !? 🤔 One of my favorites😁 #girlsinmuseums

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