If you’ve ever been told to find Jesus, and realized you’ve found him when your Seamless order arrives on time, you’re not alone. For years, people having been finding Jesus, among other things, in their food and have turned to the internet for their 15 seconds of fame. Or, in some cases, sold it for as much as $28,000. Take that, donation basket.

We want to do as much as we can to help these prophets get the recognition their food deserves, so we’ve ranked these images of Jesus from so uncanny that you had to have carved that Jesus into your food with a finely sharpened chisel to this looks more like a psychoanalytic ink blot than a person, which could mean you actually do need saving—by a doctor.

Here are 10 miraculous photos of Jesus appearing in ordinary food, ranked.

1.Pita Jesusjesus-found-in-food

This health food snack looks more like Picasso than a pita. But it was up for sale on the New Zealand Auction site TradeMe for those whose inkblot tests says otherwise.

2. Orange You Glad I’m Not the Grim Reaper?


Here’s an image of Jesus—or is it the Grim Reaper coming to get you?—inside of an orange. You decide.

3. Grilled Cheesus


One person’s grilled cheesus is another’s Mona Lisa-I’m-Glad-I-Can’t-See-You-Smile Sandwich. Either way, the face is too blurred to tell which one. But the sandwich does look burnt though.

4. Chip off the Old [Jesus] Block

If Jesus Christ was a potato chip, he’d be this sour cream and onion one.

5. Banana Man

Thirty-nine-year-old Lisa Swinton sat down for an afternoon snack when this image of Jesus Christ magically appeared. Apparently, he too needed to up his potassium intake.

6. Mary-mite, Mother of Jesus


Mary-mite is how the people of Wales refer to Jesus’ mother after Claire Allen found this image of him in her beloved yeast jam.

7. I-Scream, You-Scream, Jesus-Screams too!jesus-found-in-food

One person’s Neapolitan ice-cream, is another’s passion… of the Christ.

8. Cheesusjesus-found-in-food

Missouri woman Kelley Ramey risked life and orange limb to save this “Cheesus” from being another absorbed piece of junk food in her digestive tract.

8. Jesus Finds Seitan


All hail SEITAN. No, not the devil, but the mock meat that vegans made trendy. Not to be outdone by hipsters, Jesus was found reincarnated in what has to be the punniest pareidolia.

10. Cheesus Pizza!


A final testament to the fact that Jesus loves his dairy products, this cheese pizza was made in the land known for shark attacks and golden tans—Australia. It was sold on eBay for a mere $153, proving that nothing is sacred these days; not even pizza.