In the past, we’ve given you “18 Great Photography Blogs You Should Be Reading,” and “The Best Photography Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2017.” Now, to better your knowledge of the photography world, we’ve compiled a roundup of the best, most informative YouTube channels run by the industry’s most successful photographers, influencers and companies. Here are 30 YouTube channels every photographer should follow in 2017.

30. K1 Production

K1 Production is one of the best channels for all your photo editing needs. Take a look at these videos for Photoshop tips and Lightroom tutorials that will improve your editing skills.

29. Mike Browne

Mike Browne gets straight to the point with his tutorials and photography tips. He like to keep it simple, so if you’re fairly new to the game, this channel is a great starting point.

28. Manny Ortiz

Manny Ortiz has gained over 33,000 subscribers with his informative and detailed breakdowns of the equipment, editing processes, and the lighting techniques he uses to get the shot.

27. Karl Taylor 

Looking for tips on how to photograph different products? Or want to know how to make your photos stand out with some pro-lighting techniques? Well look no further, because Karl Taylor has got what you need. Taylor’s channel is full of how-to videos, tips on taking photos and retouching, and hands-on demos with a ton of cameras and gear.

26. Matt Granger

Matt Granger is an Australian photographer who recently moved to New York City. His channel is known for informative camera and lenses reviews. In many of his videos, Granger takes you along on various photo shoots, as he highlights his equipment and gives tips for capturing the perfect shot.

25. Todd Wolfe

Award-winning filmmaker Todd Wolfe is here to give you his tips on video and editing, as well as a behind the scenes look at how his epic music videos have come together.


COOPH, aka Cooperative of Photography, emphasizes the importance of individualism and creativity in photography, aimed to help you recognize your vision and achieve your full potential as a photographer.

23. The SnapChick

The SnapChick is not your regular photography channel. She is all about photography, but more as an art form and lifestyle. Check her out for photography tips, gear reviews, field trips, Q&As, techniques, modeling and most importantly, fun!

22. Ben Horne

Ben Horne will take you with him on his adventures in the most spectacular, outstanding locations for photo shoots. Since 2009, he’s been filming his solo shoots and enjoys doing his own thing, instead of giving you the usual tutorials and tricks. He tells the story behind his images, which definitely makes his channel a unique option.


RGG EDU is run by a variety of successful photographers and filmmakers, great for those looking to jumpstart their careers. With some of the most concise and in-depth tutorials on the web, they’re known for taking viewers with them on location with top professionals, as they put a documentary spin on the techniques and practices they’re teaching. Of course, you will need to purchase their tutorials for the full run-down, which we highly suggest.

20. Matt Day

Matt Day just loves photography and wants to share his thoughts with you. Check out his channel for first impressions on gear, behind the scenes of his photo shoots and some sweet how-to videos.

19. WeeklyImogen

WeeklyImogen is another great YouTube channel for new photographers, as it provides easy tutorials and helpful photo shoot tips for those who are just starting out, but intend to become great.

 18. The Art of Photography 

Ted Forbes has mastered the art of photography. His videos range from camera and lens reviews to lessons from some of the best photographers in the nation. Follow Forbes as he meets with photography legends like John Free, breaks down the mind of Eugene Smith and introduces the romantic and revolutionary photography of Tina Modotti.

17. Snapfactory

Mark Wallace of Snapfactory wants to help you better understand photography as a whole. This is why he offers his viewers photography one-on-ones, with an emphasis on mastering the art behind it.

16. B&H

Photo, video and audio—that’s all you need to know as a photographer or filmmakers, and B&H Photo’s YouTube channel has it covered. They’re here to give you the tips and advice from the best of the best, as well as product reviews, tutorials, interviews and much more.

15. Jason Lanier

Jason Lanier is another award-winning photographer you need to follow. His YouTube channel takes you on some of his photo shoots, as he shows you the type of gear he uses, and gives you access to super helpful workshops. He even has a playlist dedicated to the Sony A7RII, which he says is the best camera in the world.

14. Irene Rudnyk

Irene Rudnyk is a young, innovative photographer from Calgary, Canada, and her channel is a great starting point for all those young photography lovers out there. She gives you a behind the scenes look into her photo shoots, and tips on how to create your own photography studio, plus some cute DIYs.

13. Negative Feedback

George Muncey, a photographer based in London, posts informative reviews of different film cameras and takes viewers on epic trips to extravagant places like Dubai and the mountains of Wales. He also produces videos on different photo shoots around his hometown, as he shoots using anything from expired film to disposable cameras.

12. Eric Kim Photography

Eric Kim was featured in Resource Magazine’s list of “The Best Photography Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2017,”, and his notability still stands. Kim’s YouTube channel is a great source for tutorials, workshops, and gear reviews, as well as tips on street photography, his forte.

11. Adorama TV

Over a million viewers watch Adorama TV’s videos each month, and you should definitely be one of them. Their hosts will provide you with the best information on studio lighting, compact cameras, Photoshop tips, and  interviews. According to the channel, they believe having access to interviews with real professionals will make you more confident in your own creative abilities.

10. Jessica Kobeissi 

Jessica Kobeissi has an abundance of fashion and portrait photography tutorials, as well as photoshop editing tutorials. If you want to be a fashion photographer and make your work stand out, Kobeissi’s channel is the place for helpful tips on post-production and engaging BTS content.

9. Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon posts some really fun Photoshop videos on his year-old channel, from retouching techniques to more specific practices such as how to make objects float in your photos. McKinnon also gives tips on gear and dabbles in some unboxing as well.

8. Chase Jarvis

CreativeLive Founder Chase Jarvis been called one of the most influential photographers of the past decade. But aside from his achievements, he still runs his own awesome YouTube channel. If you’re looking for camera reviews or inspirational business advice from him and other great photographers in the business, Jarvis is surely your man.

7. Digital Rev

Digital Rev is the to go-to channel for all of your photography needs. Reviews on gear, exclusive access to photo shoots, and tips from some of the best in the business will surely aid in your quest to create a highly successful photo career.

6. Thomas Heaton

There is nothing more stunning than landscape photography, especially if you can make the viewer feel as if they are in the landscape themselves. This is what Thomas Heaton accomplishes with his photography skills, and his mission behind his tutorials is to get you to that level too.

5. Krispyshorts

Krispyshorts quit his job in finance to do what he loves: make videos and original content. Since then, he’s founded Jerry Media, an advertising company with Fuckjerry, interviewed digital mogul Gary Vaynerchuk and much more. Krispy’s got awesome content and will inspire you to take the leap into your career as a filmmaker, photographer, content creator or visionary.

4. The Camera Store TV

The Camera Store TV Host Chris Niccolls and Director/Cameraman Jordan Drake have put immense effort into this channel to make sure their viewers stay relevant in the world of photography. Often, the pair takes you on field tests as they try out new equipment and review it. It’s an especially valuable channel for first-looks at the latest cameras and lenses, as well as new trends and techniques in the industry.

3. CreativeLive

Tell me you didn’t see this coming! CreativeLive is a great channel for posing tips, classes in music and audio, business advice from its Money & Life courses, full-service photography education, of course, and much much more.

2. Casey Neistat 

Casey Neistat’s channel is one you absolutely need to be following. As perhaps the most widely known vlogger on the internet, the main draw for photographers and videographers is the production behind his content—using low key setups to create high-quality videos. That said, he’s absurdly inspiring, and often discusses practices and insights that every creative should integrate into their business.

1. Kai Wong

Kai Wong’s vibrant personality will surely keep you entertained. As the former face of DigitalRev’s multi-million subscriber, he emphasizes gear and is very passionate about his reviews—he would never feature a product he wouldn’t use himself. Also, check out our story on his vlogging setup here.

Of course, we want to know what our readers are watching! Let us know if you think there’s something we missed in the comments!

  • Michael Stone

    Many great choices on here but you MUST add Tony & Chelsea Northrup. They provide concise clear reviews that nail the most important issues regarding choices of gear. They also provide videos on broader industry issues, career issues and aesthetic choices.

  • I have to agree. The omission of Tony and Chelsea is glaringly bad. Probably the hardest working and prolific photography YouTubers.

  • Lynette Stewart

    Im glad 3 of my favorites are on here, Jason Lanier, Thomas Heaton and Karl Taylor. All honest hardworking and down to earth photographers.

    • Molon Labe!

      Lanier is the most self absorbed jerks in photography. He had a 5 month love me feist when he lost a few pounds where everyday he would talk about how great he was. I vomited and deleted him. Heaton and Taylor both good guys.

  • Ben Dailey

    I’m glad to see Jason Lanier on this list. I’m new to photography and his videos have been a huge inspiration to me.

  • Vivek Suhirtha

    PHLEARN is best photoshop tutor in the world I surprised why you didn’t know about him

  • Molon Labe!

    Casey Neistat …seriously? He’s a douche click bait scumbag that tricked thousands to look at his crap channel…

    • Chris Reichelt

      amen he is just a loser click bait scum…. oh look at me i’m casey i bought this today because im rich and your not

  • Jose Diaz

    Weird to not see Tony & Chelsea Northrup. That was an obvious choice over the almost defunct digitalrev.

  • Kent Lehmkuhl Skjønnemann

    I could think of many photographers that I follows, Joel Grimes, Joe Edelmann, Serge Ramelli, Jeff Rojas and Gavin Hoey, why arent they on this list ?

  • Why oh why Joe Edelman isn’t here??? One of THE BEST new photography channels!!!

  • Doug Thompson

    I think everyone should take a look at this YouTube channel.
    Fantastic tutorials and on Facebook and YouTube live five nights a week.

  • Sal DeVincenzo
  • Peter Willekens

    This is a good list, it would have been perfect had you featured the channel of Joe Edelman.
    Really, I do not believe any list could be complete without his name on it.

  • Charles Pickens

    Very hard to believe that Joe Edelman and PHLEARN didn’t make this list. With their omission and the inclusion of some hacks, makes this a very biased and poorly researched list. Bad media!

  • Peter Willekens

    This is a good list, it would have been perfect had you featured the channel of Joe Edelman.
    Really, I do not believe any list could be complete without his name on it.

  • Peter Concannon
  • Cleaven Wade

    I have to say that I’m a bit shocked/surprised that Joe Edelman isn’t listed in the top 30 YouTube pages above for photographers to checkout. Please take a moment to review his YouTube page, I’m certain you will consider it. Many thanks:

  • Chukwuemeka Iweze

    Apart from the fact that some of the channels on this list aren’t actually photography channels, I don’t get how Joel Edelman isn’t on the list. His videos aren’t only engaging but they are interactive.

  • camille tyler

    You missed two that absolutely should have been included- Joe Edelman ( and FJH photography.

    • jeffmcc

      FJH NOPE!

  • FD

    OMG, you are missing the best two!
    Joe Edelman: never seen anyone more passionate than him. A real master.
    Phlearn: maybe the best Photoshop tutorials for photographers on YouTube

    • Troy Hall

      whoops, forgot aaron yep, him too

    • Ashley List

      Have to agree on the PHlearn one.

  • Jonathan Green

    ‘The Top of lists’ I’m sure are very subjective but I’m surprised that digital rev is included after Kai went solo and have very little, if any new content. Where is the fantastic Joe Edelman who’s producing high end content & live chats? Also PHLEARN with the straight forward approach to photoshop.

    • ManMythLegend

      Digital Rev has probably one of the best vaults of entertaining and honest photography content on YT. Phlearn is a glaring omission.

      • Tanisha gomes

        Thanks for doing this article. I’m self taught and in the beginning I learned almost everything from YouTube.

  • Paul Killeen

    I would highly recommend your list including Joe Edelman’s YouTube Channel. The advice he is sharing about portrait photography with his followers on You Tube and Facebook is priceless. Joe calls it as it is, no pretentions, no high tech wizardry with expensive equipment, just basic no nonsense hints, tips and advice (not opinions) based on his years of experience. Look him up and you will be as enthused and energized as all of his 71,000 followers on FB.

  • Lars Oeschey

    Joe Edelman and Phlearn are missing… otherwise nice list, will take a look

  • MPR1776

    You forgot Joe Edelman, way better than some you have listed as must views.

    • Deuce Bradshaw

      I agree… Joe has fantastic content

    • Ben Harosh

      Couldn’t agree more. Joe Edelman is the man when it gets to learning studio photofrapht.

    • Skaiste Sky Emken

      Agree with this statement 100%

  • Philippe Donn

    Did I miss it or did you forget Joe Edelman? Single oversight or lack of knowledge? Too bad!

  • Cj Kelly

    You missed the hardest working You Tube presenter out there , Joe Edelman. Live broadcasts on You Tube, Facebook 5 nights per week. Outstanding photography video’s and great insight into all aspects of photography. Think you need to update your list.

  • George Beis

    I am totally dismayed that Joe Edelman was not included in this list.

  • Chris Knudsen
  • Ross Dalgetty

    Can’t believe no Joe!!!

    • Robert Thompson

      Visited a few of the sites. This list is missing Joe Edelman, who really educates

  • Ken

    No Joe Edelman? No Tony & Chelsea? …..seriously?

    • Wolfgang

      Exactly, that’s the two channels I am missing on this list:
      1. Tony and Chelsea Northrup
      2. Joe Edelman

    • jeffmcc

      T&Y are boring!

  • Luigi Modesti

    How can Joe Edelman not be in this list. Not fair. We cannot thank him enough for what he does.

  • lou

    I agree with most readers here that Joe Edelman should have been listed. Great photo reviewer, vast knowledge and live shows almost every day. Phlearn is another good one. This list needs to be revised.

  • Danny Droubie

    Missing Joe Edelman
    amazing teacher, no joke feedback, answers whatever questions you have live.

  • Herb Johnson

    Joe Edelman should be on this list! His “I shoot People” videos are some of the best instructional videos out there! I have learned more from him then any other group that I have subscribed to. He demands alot from his group members who choose to post their images and the feedback from him and other group members is always spot on! He needs to be on this list…

  • Dave Ott

    Agreed, Joe Edelman has TONS of fantastic content! He should be on this list!

  • Ben Harosh

    How did you forget to mention Joe Edelman? Best YouTube channel when you are interested in learning studio photography!

  • Dave

    Hard to argue against Joe Edelman being on this list… I know ya gotta make choices somehow.. but he provides a lot of extremely useful content, in a no-nonsense way that just gives you the information, without the fluff. Works for me.

  • Carl Harr

    You left out Joe Edelman, How did you come up with your list?

  • Jacob Gonzalez

    Seriously you didn’t include Joe Eldenman? Why is Kai Wong number one? His videos are full of blabing.

  • Serbian

    I dont know how you missed mister Joe Edelman YouTube chanel???He covered everything,from A to Z when it comes to studio work,DIY gadgets for studio,explains lighting from scratch,and has videos for every type of photographer – from newbies to the experts.I learned a whole lot of things to improve my photography just watching him on YouTube,and listening his live chat… Big mistake not to include him on this list… Greetings from Serbia!–p1mPY2oXg

  • Robin Lantigua

    You forgot my favorite channel…

  • Not sure, but I think someone made a mistake by not including Joe Edelman in this list.

  • Joseph Lasker

    Your list is not complete without Joe Edelman. Please see how you can include him.

  • Darian Green

    Good suggestions, but how about – Jared Polin, Tony & Chelsea Northrup, Phlearn & especially Joe Edelman. These are some notable names that are missing.

  • Wayward Wanderer

    what retarded dumb fuhk put SNAPCHICK on this list???? All she does is take half nude selfies …..a dead rat knows more about cameras than her
    Pathetic BS ROFL

  • isvein

    So you have “can’t show anything without an bikini model ” Granger, but you don’t have Joe on the list?
    Joe Edelman is one of the absolute best out there if you want to learn something and not just look at pretty pictures.
    Can’t take an list without Joe Edelman seriously.

  • Skaiste Sky Emken

    Outstanding tutorials, constructive criticism, business advice, editing tips, photography tricks….to many to list….

  • Jose Deida

    Cut this list in half and add Joe Edelman.
    Who beat Karl Taylor .. yeah okay 🙂

  • Steve A. Trottier

    No one is going to be happy with a listing like this if it is missing one of their favorites. I have seen many on your list and several I will be looking at soon.

    Two of my favorites are Tony and Chelsea Northrup and Joe Edelman. From camera basics to advanced shooting and just plain entertainment these 3 are hard to beat.

    I personally do a lot of product photography and Alec Koloskov from Photigy has some wicked techniques he shares.

    Think you missed at least 3 stellar channels.

  • you forgot Joe Edelman, Amazing channel where you get real reviews and ofcourse best tips

  • Phil Turner

    +1 for Joe Edelman and Phlearn
    Both very clear and constructive.

    And Kai Wong at no.1 ???? why is he even on this list??

  • Devendra Vora

    Surely joe edelman should be here with his experience and unbiased tutorials straight talking or is that why he was left out cos he is not sponsored ☹️. Well anyway those who are reading this comment please check out his you tube channel he shall show you how to use the reflector properly sun does not shine from the ground up remember

  • Rod Moti

    Joe Edelman is hands down one of the best out there! Brilliant YouTube channel with fantastic content. I cannot believe he is not in this list!

  • Danny Trybou

    Joe edelman should definitely be. In the list. He is even one of the most experienced photographers of the bunch

  • Your missing to of the best on the web…..

    Joe Edelman has been producing free educational resources for years and still better then all the educational info out there.


    Facebook group:



    Both of these channels top all the people you listed by far for education in photography

  • Vincent Cody LaFata

    I do like a lot of these guys, but Joe Edelman should absolutely be on this list and im also surprised Tony and Chelsea weren’t on there either.

  • Troy Hall

    You missed two important channels and thats
    Tony & Chelsea Northrup –
    Joe Edelman –
    both of these folks bring unique things to the mix so leaving them out I think is sacrilege.

  • Juan Medina

    Where is Joe Edelman? Where is Tony & Chelsea? Where is Sergei Ramelli? Common you can do better… What about Phlearn?

  • Bob Rock

    Are you aware that Joe Edelman is not listed here? I kind of get the feeling your investigation was really not properly executed and shallow… I expected much more from you guys…

  • Chris Reichelt

    Casey Neistat should not be on the list he is no benefit to photographers just another you tube loser that like look at how much money i have and what i bought today should have jared polin in his spot

  • Tim Fowler

    Joe Edelman should be on this list. JS

  • Joel Nachman

    Casey Neistat is a video producer. Joe Edelman is a photographer, Joe should be on the list!

  • Kevin Davis

    What happened to ? Tony and Chelsea! Also Joe Edelman! Gavin Hoey – Adorama TV?

  • Jim Boynton

    I subscribe to a lot of these channels, but every photographer who wants to learn how to photograph people needs to follow Joe Edelman. Decades in the business, teaches everything he knows, and treats his subscribers as people.

  • David Velez

    I’d have to say, beyond the shadow of doubt, Joe Edelman deserves to be on this list

  • Kirk Lee Foon

    I agreed with many of the posts listed below. Joe Edelman should be listed.

  • Alejandro Rodriguez

    Wow this list is missing a lot good ones, it´s a great list that can be improved, some of the missing ones are:
    Joe Edelman
    Jared Polin
    Serge Ramelli
    Tony & Chelsea Northup
    Kelby One
    Jimmy McIntyre
    The Slanted lens
    Dani Diamond
    Professional photography tips with Joshua Cripps
    Gavin Hoey
    Blue Lighting Tv
    Digital Camera World
    Digital Photography School
    Improve Photography
    Matt Kloskowski
    Photoshop Training Channel
    Steve Perry
    SLR Lounge
    PhotoRec TV
    rafy A

    Just to name a few…

  • Itadi

    Joe Edelman is missing: his youtube channel is a fantastic way to learn and get better!

  • Lupchap Dian

    Angry photographer, come on!!!!!!

  • designlucas

    As a photographer, the two channels I view the most are Tony Northrop’s and FroKnows Photos. Neither made the list. That’s nuts!

  • Lefteris Kritikakis

    Each one of these has something different to offer, which I tried in practice and spent thousands (yes, thousands) of dollars at the end, and about half was well spent. Personally I would thank the following, but for SPECIFIC things only:
    – “Angry Photographer” for his insight on great prime lenses, his theory checked 90% correct in practice (26 lenses here guys…), and improved my pics dramatically. He actually saved me money as I achieved much better results with lenses much cheaper than 2K. Prime lenses only.
    – “Joe Edelman” for his technique advice on lighting with minimal equipment, and what to avoid. Lighting only.
    – B&H for some (not all) of their incredible instructional videos on lighting. Lighting only.
    – Matt Granger for some really nice lighting techniques in past videos which I knew but had forgotten.
    – Steve Perry for some of the most advice-packed videos and essential work, not bs. Real professional advice for amateurs, and he respects his audience – and his two books are fantastic, the best on the topic by far.

    I will unsubscribe from everyone else, since they have nothing actually valuable to offer to me. Ted Forbes is 20% content and 80% blah blah. Thomas Heaton is a very nice guy but his vlog is a personal diary of a lonely young adventurer. Tony & Chelsea are a gear/book store, their photography is ordinary and purely equipment-based, and along this line there are a few others too, I followed their advice which ended in costly equipment returns. As far as Casey Neistat and others like him, that’s not for photographers, I have no idea what’s the purpose of his vlog. Casey a “photography vlog”? How? It’s also mostly a personal diary. I admire his work ethic and discipline, but there’s nothing “remarkable” there.

  • I am not much familiar with most of the channels mentioned above except “The SnapChick” and “The Art of Photography”. I always try to follow their videos as they are very much helpful for all of the photographers specially for those who are just starting their photography journey.

    • Jordan Mohr

      The Art of Photography is fantastic for learning how to think like a photographer

  • Jordan Mohr

    Tony and Chelsea, FroKnowsPhoto, Joe Edelman, and SLR Lounge… should be near the top. No idea why they weren’t mentioned.

  • Decaffeinated Photography

    Everyone talking about Joe Edelman being left out…
    How about my channel?!
    In all seriousness tho, would love some feedback, and we’re definitely not on a level with these youtubers, so if you have some time, maybe check us out? 🙂