Korean face masks have been a beauty anomaly growing in popularity for a while now. Most recently, these colorful single-sheet packs have flooded the shelves of millennial retail stores like Urban Outfitters. With seemingly endless amounts of face mask options, ingredients, benefits and claims to beauty one could only dream of, it is easy to get hooked. Not to mention, that after a long thankless day on set, tightening your pores and reviving your skin with a cool sheet is a great feeling.

However, if you’re as busy as most creatives, finding time to run to Urban Outfitters or the more underground Korean beauty shops is difficult. Facetory saw this as an opportunity to not only satiate your desire to have spa treatments come to you, but also to follow the successful path of existing subscription service business models.

For $14.95/month, you’ll receive a curated selection of seven premium face mask. Or, at $4.95/month, you’ll receive four entry-level face masks. I tried this service for myself, and went with the premium option.

This cute package came in the mail.

I then opened the box to find a card with thorough descriptions of each mask and its retail price.

This month’s premium selection of masks.

I might as well try it out!

Sitting back, reading, and letting this mask do it’s magic was a very relaxing at the end of a hectic work day. Whether you’re spending the day photographing models, art directing, looking at tear sheets in Cosmopolitan, or doing the hair and makeup of the gorgeous subject of a shoot, it’s important to not forget about yourself. Sometimes, something as simple as a facial care package can make you feel as beautiful as the people you photograph.