The Queen B is known for many things, such as her beauty, booty, style, grace, and most of all, her powerful presence that empowers women while bringing men to their knees. Yesterday, she announced that she was pregnant with twins, yet another incredible chapter in the book of Beyonce. But creatively speaking, there’s a matter at hand that can’t be ignored: Why in the world did she pose in a photo as awful as the one below? Photographers said it best, (mainly in Facebook comments) but this gaudy-styled set and nauseating wardrobe could make some of the worst “Awkward Family Photos” look good.

“It’s like it was laundry day and that’s all that was left in her underwear drawer LOL”

The following comments touch upon the influx of disgust from the community. It’s pretty apparent that many connect the imagery to a funeral set up. The green veil is reminiscent of the residue Ghostbusters’ Slimer leaves behind. Her mismatched undies barely have a place in Family Dollar’s 2-for-1 panty baskets. And “technicolor” is among the internet’s most commonly used adjectives for describing the image.

So maybe the photo community has very high standards in terms of style. But you know you’re doing something wrong if the rest of the world responds with parodies, memes and political tweets. Listen, we all have shitty fashion days—and some say it’s the hormones affecting her sense of judgement. But as someone who’s been pregnant, I’m not sure I’d agree.

“What in the world?!?! Those flowers look like a funeral arrangement and those blue satin ruffle panties need to go. It’s all wrong. Even a Demi Moore type shot with just the tulle strategically draped would have been better than all that chaos going on. Queen Bee’s beauty is lost in all those props.”

But while it’s fun to criticize Mama B for this tasteless, uncharacteristic display, at the end of the day most of us still love her, myself included.

See more of the internet’s response to this image below.

“The memes are coming fast and furious, and the only other face I see in my news feed other than King Trump is Queen Bee. She knew exactly what she was doing.” -Michael Bonocore, Resource Travel Editor