It’s a millennial dream come true. Bill Nye the Science Guy, who taught us about the periodic table, the three forms of matter, the importance of recycling and more is coming back to teach us more about science this April with his new Netflix show, “Bill Nye Saves the World.”

Not only will Nye will “saving the world” with his new show, but he, like many other scientists, is trying to save the notion of global warming from being ignored by people in this country, like President Donald Trump. Each episode Nye and his guests de-bunk anti-science rhetoric, as well as explore concepts and topics from alternative medicine, to sex, to technology, and to climate change. His lineup of celebrity guests include supermodel Karlie Kloss, actor Zach Braff, fashion consultant Tim Gunn and many more. These guests will aid in lively, informative panel discussions and Nye’s fascinating, daring and, possibly explosive, experiments. Don’t try these at home, kids.

I know you’re getting nostalgic thinking about how awesome this show is going to be, so make sure to catch it on April 21 on Netflix.