“I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible, not least because this is an e-mail I really never wanted to have to write [sic],” wrote Tiggertrap Founder Haje Jan Kamps in a Medium FAQ. After an 18-month downward spiral, the company finally broke the news that the business is shutting down.

Triggertrap once was a thriving company…

Triggertrap was founded in 2011 after crowdfunding nearly three times more than its goal. The company quickly became a pioneer in hardware and software products centered on triggering SLR cameras. In May 2012, Triggertrap introduced Triggertrap Mobile for iOS, followed by a version for Android in September 2012. At its peak, Triggertrap covered more than 300 different camera models and thousands of photographers in more than a hundred different countries.

But then there was “Triggertrap Ada,” an infinitely expandable camera trigger aimed at making high-speed, camera trap and time-lapse photography affordable for everyone. The company, once again, raised much more than its goal, but eventually failed to bring the product into production.

Where it all went wrong…

“For the past 18 months, we’ve been operating with just a few team members, who have been working their asses off to keep the lights on. But ultimately, we weren’t able to claw our way out of the hole.”
— Haje Jan Kamps

So Triggertrap has now come to an end. As of Feb. 1 2017, users will no longer be able to get technical support. The apps will remain intact, so existing equipment will continue to work as it does today, until a future iOS or Android update breaks its functionality. There are still a few hundred Triggertrap Mobile kits available for purchase in the world, as well as in the company’s warehouse, which will also be closing in the next couple of weeks.

“Triggertrap has been a part of what I’ve done for many years now. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team, and the Flickr group continues to amaze me,” wrote Kamps. “You’ve created so many beautiful photos using Triggertrap products. Please keep doing that, even as the company itself fades into the night. Thank you for all your support.”