YouTube superstar Casey Neistat has been taking a lot of slack since his app Beme was acquired by CNN. In the deal, Neistat joined CNN Worldwide and will start a new media brand dedicated to “timely and topical video content powered by bleeding edge mobile technology.” Obviously, the deal will make Neistat millions of dollars.

And, being that it’s 2017 and the world is full of virtual trolls, the hatred for Neistat came in quickly. It didn’t help that he joined forces with a company that the President of the United States has labeled as “fake news”. But today, Neistat addressed those trolls head on by uploading a new video for his 6.5 million YouTube subscribers. Simply titled ‘Millionaire YouTube SELLOUT’, Neistat starts the video by burning a stack of Benjamins…or does he?

The YouTube filmmaker then goes on a five and a half minute inspirational talk that directly confronts the keyboard warriors who have been calling him a sellout because of his recent partnership with CNN. He addresses how, as a kid, your imagination fuels your life ambitions, but as you get older, those dreams quickly give way to reality. In addition, a fear of failure makes those dreams become more and more distant.

Neistat tells us his reality hit earlier than most, as his girlfriend became pregnant when he was 15. He put his dreams on the back burner to get a job and be a supportive father. Now, 20 years later, he finds himself with a massive following and a comfortable bank account by accomplishing those dreams. And not everyone is happy for him.

So Neistat addresses those people with this brilliant and motivating talk. And he ends it by bashing his stack of Benjamins over the haters’ heads with this line.

If the haters only invested all that energy they use calling you a sellout and used it to elevate themselves instead, maybe, just maybe, they would up be up here with you.