Lady Gaga’s halftime performance this Super Bowl LI Sunday was definitely one everyone who watched will remember. She sang her iconic hits from the last decade, including “Just Dance,” “Poker Face” and “Telephone,” all well dancing, playing the keytar and piano, and doing aerial acrobatic stunts across the stage. But aside from her stellar presence on stage, in the sky, drones also caught the audience’s attention.

Intel provided 300 drones for the show, all choreographed perfectly to form an American flag, the Pepsi logo, as well as the logo for the tech company. Each drone is a foot long, eight ounces, and has a plastic, foam body. Oh, and it’s practically covered in LED lights.

This was the first time in Superbowl history where drones were used for a halftime show performance, however according to an article for The Verge, the drones were not flying live due to Federal Aviation Administration restrictions.

The FAA didn’t allow Intel to fly the drones live during the performance because they prohibit them from flying within a 34.5 radius of the NRG Stadium, which is also near Houston Hobby Airport’s traffic control station. The administration also believed it would be dangerous for the drones to be doing flips and tricks hundreds of miles approximately 80,000 spectators below. In addition, there are also rules that restrict bar drones from hovering too high.

Because it was the Superbowl, the FAA did make an exception, as long as the drones were not flying live during Gaga’s performance. So, Intel’s solution to this dilemma was to pre-record the drone light show and project it behind Gaga to the audience.

Intel began in December, giving them only a few weeks to prepare the light show. According to a article, the creative team faced some obstacles while figuring out how and where they were going to choreograph 300 drones. Once aware of the FAA restrictions, they no longer had the option of flying them inside the stadium or onstage with Gaga, so they settled on an American flag arrangement, as well as forming both the Intel and Pepsi logos outside the stadium. Although a brief appearance, the drones’ production coordinated with Gaga’s concert very smoothly, and left the audience dazzled.

This is not Intel’s first time running a drone show, though the Superbowl was the drone team’s first televised event. Prior to Feb. 5, Intel broke a world record for the Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously in Sydney, Australia with their 500 Shooting Star synchronized drone show on Oct. 7th 2016. Recently, the group ended their three-week show at Disney World. Here is a behind the scenes video of how Intel pulls off these jaw-dropping stunts.

Missed Lady Gaga’s outstanding performance? No worries, here’s the video where you can watch how Gaga and Intel stunned the millions of Superbowl fans.