Helene, who prefers to keep her last name anonymous, is the founder of the popular Instagram account @GirlsBornToTravel. Though she’s been taking photos her whole life, her photography career began to flourish once she started collaborating with others.

Helene started using Instagram as a platform for her photography three years ago with her personal account, @Elenaflyaway. This content ranges from food and travel, but the french native found the latter more intriguing after she moved to Dubai one year ago to be a flight attendant.

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Perspective 🌿🌎

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The job immediately ignited her wanderlust and allowed her to travel to more than 40 countries and counting—Japan and Brazil being her favorites so far. “I choose countries I haven’t been to with great food, a good art scene and lots of history,” she said. However, her greatest inspiration comes from the Instagram accounts she follows such as @gypsea_lust, @iamgalla, @leahliyah, @polkadotpassport, @meryldenis and @taramilktea.

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Not only are these users avid travelers, but photographers as well. She explains that she saved the images taken by these Instagram photographers to her phone, which is how the idea for Girls Born to Travel sprouted. “I got the idea of creating an [Instagram] account just to put them in it and voilà—that was the beginning of @GirlsBornToTravel.”

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Swinging over the jungle 🐒

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And yet, there is the controversial question of using other people’s photos for your own growth, but with proper crediting, linking back and curation, Helene has fostered a place for inspirational accounts to flourish. With 71K followers, it’s shared community and the #girlsborntotravel hashtag acts as a roadmap for travel inspiration. The Instagrammer is also currently building a website, but until then, you can check out her Instagram page here for more stunning images from photographers around the world.