It’s pretty easy to scan through a YouTube video when you’re watching it on your desktop or laptop, as you can just scrub your way through the timeline, or you can use your arrow keys for quick 5-second jumps forward or backward. But what if you’re YouTube-ing on mobile? It’s not as easy.

Sliding and clicking through the time bar on a screen the size of a smartphone or tablet is much more difficult, especially when you’re watching long videos. YouTube, however, has finally addressed this problem in the latest YouTube app.

With its latest update, YouTube introduced a back-or-forth jumping equivalent to smaller screens. Simply double tap on the left side of your screen to go back 10 seconds, or on the right side if you want to forward 10 seconds. Need a slightly bigger jump? Tap once more. Or twice. Or three times… It’ll add 10 seconds per tap!

Life just got a tad easier again. You’re welcome.