Dutch photographer Dirk Bakker (@Macenzo) always loved to convert ideas, concepts and information into new and original graphic forms. He finds inspiration for his work in architecture—lines, shapes, form, layouts, patterns—which has become the foundation of a long-standing career in architectural photography.

“A picture is like a graphic design assignment to me,” he said. “I edit or manipulate it until I find something interesting or exciting.”

In 2011, Bakker took his photography to Instagram. At the time, he struggled with some health issues, and this was his physical and creative outlet. Now six years later, he’s approaching 400K followers. “I hope it’s because of my creativity,” he said. “Although my subject is mostly architecture, my pictures are not all the same. I try to keep it fresh and interesting for my followers by using different shapes in every picture.”


Bakker explains that he adores the power of repetition, symmetry, shadow play and reflections; he sees patterns and shapes everywhere he goes. “Even when I’m shopping, I notice things,” he said. “A simple piece of pavement or an abstract look at the layout of a street can give me fun results.”

And yet, the photographer never expected his Instagram account to blow up the way it did. “I seem to inspire a lot of people by showing them the beauty in simple things.” He explains that by posting his best pictures, and by posting consistently, he’s created a community of what he calls “archi-view people,” garnering about 100 comments per photo, most of which are compliments.

“I go out to ‘photo-cycle’ a lot to explore every corner of my home town of Amsterdam,” said Bakker. “And when I visit other cities, I usually rent a bike on the spot. You have to get out there to find what you’re looking for. But you need some luck too, of course.”


In addition to his photography, he’s also co-founded SeeMyCity, a social media initiative that aims to inspire people to “put your city in the picture with mobile photography.”

“Our goal is to show and market cities through unique and contemporary mobile photography,” said Bakker. “We want to inspire residents and engage the outer world. So far, we successfully promoted cities like Rotterdam, Oslo and Leuven, and we’ll have our third and final ‘SeeMyDoha‘ (Qatar) exhibition in April 2017.”

Check out more of Bakker’s work below. You can view his work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and his website.