Simone Giertz has many titles: Breaker of Transistors, Mistress of Malfunction, Mother of Terrible Inventions, but what she is most well known for is being the Queen of Shitty Robots.

Giertz, who is from Sweden and currently resides in San Francisco, California, went to school for engineering physics before she rose to fame for her, well, faulty inventions. After a year, she dropped out and moved onto studying programming and robotics. She taught herself how to “hardware hack” and with Google, she learned how to make her own robots.

In 2013, she uploaded a YouTube video where she created a machine that brushes your teeth for you, which is perfect for little children. This video jumpstarted her career in making hilarious, pointless, terrible robots for people to watch and enjoy.

In a recent video with WIRED, Geirtz shows us her latest inventions and talks about why she continues to make these failed creations.

“When I started building things, obviously I was pretty bad at it, you can’t be good at things from the start. And I decided just to embrace that and to roll with it and turn it into something funny.”

She said when she starting posting her videos online, the people of Reddit picked up on her unusual content and that was when the Queen of Shitty Robots was born.

“Somebody bestowed that title on me, I mean I embraced it too, I can’t be like..don’t.”

Geirtz’s outlandish contraptions have landed her an appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” a hosting gig on Adam Savage’s show, “Tested,”  and talking at events like the Google Science Fair.

The Swedish inventor said her videos and hobby isn’t just about creating shitty robots, but it’s to show people that failure happens and that’s totally okay because it should be embraced. Here are some of her failures that we think are just awesome.

A Butt Wiping Machine 


I think this one is self-explanatory.

Pokémon Go Helmet


Although the Pokémon Go phase is fading, those who still play it can wear this helmet so they can walk without looking down at their phones. Safety first.

The Wake-Up Machine 


The Applause Machine 


When you’re feeling down, just bring out the applause machine. It will make you feel better about yourself, and it’s great for when you’re not a funny person.

Lipstick Robot 


As a female, sometimes doing your makeup can be a tedious, time-consuming task. But the Lipstick robot is here to do it for you, and you’ll definitely come out looking as beautiful as ever.

Chopping Machine 


Let the Chopping Machine help prepare your meal by cutting up veggies. Just don’t let you fingers get too close.

“Pussy Grabs Back” Machine 


Hair Washing Robot 


Overslept and don’t have time to shower in the morning? The hair washing robot can lessen your shower time, and possibly give you a mild concussion.

The Breakfast Machine shitty-robots-inventor-simone-giertz

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, serving it up The Breakfast Machine’s way.