Northumberland-based photographer Thomas Heaton has been traveling the world for the better part of the past 15 years. His landscape, travel and outdoor photography has been published both in the United Kingdom and abroad. He’s also built a strong social media following, with more than 110,000 followers throughout Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube—the latter being his flagship platform.

On his YouTube-channel, Heaton posts videos to inspire other photographers to “get up, get out and shoot more images.” His topics vary from winter and meteor photography tutorials to a look inside his camera bag or sharing insight on his post-processing. It’s all very photo-centric, yet his latest video is a bit different.

Not long ago, Heaton received an email asking if he’d like to interview the famous English adventurer Ben Fogle. Obviously, he agreed, as he’s been a fan of Fogle for years.

Seemingly a bit nervous, the photographer headed to Birmingham for a sit-down with his idol. The 43-year-old thrill-seeker shared some inspiring stories about what it’s like to be a professional traveler and explorer.

A retro Campervan was the perfect spot for the talk.

One of the first issues the duo addressed was being an animal lover while also immersing yourself in primitive cultures, two things things that can become a bit contradictor. Heaton, for example, vividly remembers watching Fogle castrate a live goat with his teeth on “New Lives in the Wild,” and wonders how one deals with such conflictual situations. Fogle admitted it’s hard, but says that respect for local cultures is key.

“Moral dilemma’s are part of the experience.”

Moving on to photography, Heaton asked Fogle if he ever feels compelled to take pictures or shoot video while traveling. “Not often,” he admits, since he generally travels with a film crew that’s shooting for him. However, he does note that photography is conducive to traveling, and is considering to start shooting with something more than his smartphone.

Heaton’s dog listened attentively to most of the conversation.

Fogle also talked to Heaton about his most terrifying travel experiences and how to deal with moments of intense fear. The ultimate survival trick, according to Fogle, is rationality. If you don’t let a certain situation overcome you, you’ll probably be able to get yourself out of it.

Thomas Heaton got his calendar signed by Ben Fogle… And he’s giving it away!

Moving on, Fogle addresses fame and offers advice to those who want to pursue a lifestyle like his own. There’s also a quick Q&A with viewer questions, which makes it definitely worthwhile to watch the entire 14-minute video!