For the past three months we’ve been bombarded with political discourse that’s even made the simplest things difficult: grabbing a coffee, going for a walk, or even watching television. This can make minutes feel like hours and make you wonder “what even is solitude?”

But while it may be difficult to immediately pinpoint the positives, there are some out there. For example, Lena Dunham has recently come forth and explained how the last few months have enabled her to change her eating habits with her “Trump Diet.” We got it loud and clear, girl.

In case you have been living under a rock and are unfamiliar with Dunham, she is the creator of the HBO series Girls, author of the book Not That Kind of Girl, and co-creator of the online newsletter Lenny Letter. She is notorious for remaining politically outspoken and maintaining an active presence through her social media platforms.

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Dunham has expressed her anxiety towards the election results by stating she has lost her appetite while in an interview with Howard Stern. While it is unclear as to whether she was being completely serious, we are not here to judge. People handle their political frustrations in different ways (though we strongly encourage methods that are healthy).

But if you’re looking for a more cognitive positive, it’s possible that political frustration has deepened the platform for creative inhibition. People are coming together to passionately share their beliefs and what concerns them. No matter your individual political views, chances are you have a lot to say—and what better way to express yourself than through a creative lens.

People are picking up their pens, brushes, and cameras, putting aside their differences, and getting to work. It has been said that with pain comes great beauty; and art and beauty are two in the same (I’m honestly not sure if that’s a real saying, but I’m kind of proud of myself for coming up with that one). Regardless, when people come together to work toward a common goal it’s amazing, especially when creating something that could potentially inspire others to do so.

This has become evident in traveling through cities across the country; buildings are becoming brighter with murals and art, music is is filled with passion, and comedy is getting funnier. From every angle, people are tapping into their creative energy and coming up with some really amazing things.

Here’s some examples of artwork that’s arisen from the troubled political landscape of America.

Angry Women by Laura Murray

This piece is meant to symbolize the war on women’s health. Whether you disagree with the message behind the art or not, the piece in itself is powerful and certainly thought-provoking.

Potty Mouth by William Duke and Billy Griffin

This image is featured at a bar in Paris. The walls were already covered with The Rolling Stone’s inspired mouth shaped urinals, but the artist duo photoshopped a picture of President Trump as they saw fit. Clever.

We The People by Shepard Fairey

Fairey originally designed the posters for former President Barack Obama with the word “HOPE” plastered across them, but this time she took a different approach. Rather than featuring the President she decided to keep a more neutral stance and create something to empower those who are under-represented.