If you ever played the once immensely popular Fruit Ninja game, you probably secretly wondered what it would be like to hack-and-slash some fruits in real life. YouTubers Sam and Niko, who dedicate their time to exploring and expanding “the craft of creativity in a new era,” were tired of just wondering, so they put their money where their mouth is.

Real life Fruit Ninja… How hard could it be?

The idea was to attach some GoPro’s to a sword and to capture some epic slow-motion splatters, but they quickly found out it was much easier said than done. Motion blur seemed the biggest hurdle, which made them realize they needed at least 1,000 FPS and ideal light conditions. Not that easy when forecasts predicted 100% chance of rain.

Looking pretty good from this angle…

Not looking so good from this angle…

Now what?

100% chance of rain = time to invent things!

But when the sun finally showed some mercy, the team could finally try to capture their money shots. Experimenting with different angles and stitching together multiple shots eventually lead to pretty cool footage. I kind of want to reinstall Fruit Ninja now…


[via mashable and petapixel]