Back in 2010, Italian film manufacturers announced that they were going to stop producing film. But what initially appeared to be another victim of the digital age, caught Lomography’s eye as an opportunity. They jumped at it, rescued the last ever master roll of 400 ASA film and stowed them away in the Czech Republic for seven years.

The proud analog advocates of Lomography were excited to finally blow the dust off its stashed 35mm film gem. By storing F²/400 as one big roll instead of slicing it up into 35mm strips, the quality of the film remained intact. “The film has developed a totally distinctive look,” Lomography says.

F²/400 has retained all of its refined colors and beautifully unique tone. What’s more, it has developed hints of the characteristic X-Pro aesthetic and beautiful blueish tones in certain shooting conditions, making it unlike any other Color Negative film on the market.

Photographers who want to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will have to act fast, as the stock is very limited. Lomography Gallery Stores worldwide offer packs for as little as $5.90, but you can make some savings when buying packs of five or ten from the Lomography Online Shop. If you’re a #FilmIsNotDead believer and you want to take shots like the ones below, you know what to do!