Our eyes are some of our most delicate organs. They enable us to recognize elaborate three-dimensional views through the reception of external light. Our eyes are separated by approximately 65 mm, which is called a parallax, and it’s something no existing 360° camera is able to truly replicate. But Kickstarter campaign TwoEyes VR is changing the game.

TwoEyes VR will become the world’s first binocular 360° VR camera, which makes it the first one to truly mirror human eye sight. While other 360° cameras are only able to account for the separation between your eyes through an algorithm (their VR functionality basically copy-pastes the same image a few millimeters apart), TwoEyes VR is the first camera equipped with pairs of lenses to correspond to each eye, allowing you to capture your viewing reality precisely in the same way as your eyes.

TwoEyes VR records through 180° lenses placed 65 mm apart with 4K 3840 x 3840 resolution at 30 FPS. It’s also equipped with a 4K processor, 128 GB of internal storage and a 2000 mAh lithium ion battery.

TwoEyes VR offers two distinct modes: When you begin recording vertically, it will film utilizing only two lenses in “One-Eye Mode,” essentially the same as other 360° cameras. But if you hold your TwoEyes VR horizontally, it will record with all four lenses in “Two-Eyes Mode,” enabling you too capture stunningly realistic 3D video.

Control TwoEyes VR manually through its simple two-button shooting controls or remotely through the companion application.

Content shot on TwoEyes VR can be seen through an array of viewing experiences: a head mounted display, a more casual cardboard VR headset, 3D glasses or a a 3D TV. You will also be able to share your content with friends or family on various social media platforms directly from the TwoEyes application: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, et al.

TwoEyes VR will be offered in two colors (White & Black) and it’s expected to be ready for packing and shipping in August 2017. There’s no explicit price mentioned for when that happens, but a basic “kickstarter pack” (which is basically one TwoEyes VR camera) costs $239.

This is an exceptionally good idea, and one that will likely be built upon by others in the future. Unfortunately, TwoEyes looks very toy-ish, which might be because of their target market (consumer Kickstarter). What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.