There are only a handful of people you can righteously refer to as “that guy from Vine.” When we spent a couple of days with Jérôme Jarre in New York City last summer, we noticed he was one of them, even though he’d been out of the Vine game for a while by then. Brandon Bowen is another legend from the once super popular but now defunct entertainment platform. When he was just 15 years old, his “blocking out the haters” video went absurdly viral. He got featured by media outlets all over the world, and made a ton of money along the way. But where is he now?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there…”

Recently, the now 19-year-old appeared in Los Angeles, alongside our boy Krispyshorts, for a “creator meet up” at the YouTube Space. We’re not sure what the meet up was about, other than giving Jake Paul a framed golden play button for hitting 1,000,000 subscribers, but Krispy was over the moon when he noticed Brandon.

Krispy was ecstatic…

“We should go out with him tonight,” he told his partner in crime Josh Quillen, but that didn’t really work out. However, the New York City duo did manage to get Brandon to their hotel room the next day. Brandon and Krispy eventually had a hilarious talk, to which the latter devoted his most recent vlog.

So which direction does Brandon see his life going now that Vine’s over? For one, he may get his creative juices flowing in a weekly YouTube vlog. When Krispy advises Brandon that he should “get a drone and leave Georgia” for that, Brandon makes clear he already has the next level in mind: underwater vlogging from his very own submarine. This guy’s still a genius.

But on the real, Brandon does pretty much confirm his intention to leave Georgia, attend film school in LA, and launch weekly vlog.

“You gotta get a drone, man!”

Brandon is also considering becoming a “director of great movies” and, among other things, talked to Krispy about the day he nearly died. Check out the vlog above!