Londoners Tobi Shinobi and Ron Timehin are among the top Instagrammers of the British capital, with hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of likes. They started using the app as early-adopters in 2012, but likely didn’t realize it would reshape their lives as creatives. At the time, Shinobi was a lawyer and Timehin was a musician who simply liked taking photos.

London film production company RBM got word of the duo’s rise on the platform and sent Director Oliver Lister to document their story. “I love the work of both Tobi and Ron; their photos are striking and captivating. Through this documentary, I wanted to shine a light on the people behind the camera and explore their journey from amateur Instagrammers to successful professional photographers. I wanted to tell a story that would inspire people, no matter where you are in life, to try something new and follow your passion,” said Lister in his Director’s Statement.

It’s safe to say that he succeeded in doing so. The short documentary has been featured at film festivals around the globe, winning awards such as “Best Short Documentary” at the Hollywood Boulevard International Film Festival, and an “Audience Choice Award” at the Atlanta International Docufest, among others.

The IGer’s messagae is simple: Anyone can take photos. Get out there and start shooting, whether outside your doorstep or across the world. Watch the short documentary above.