Instagram has become the perfect platform for foodies to share their favorite dishes and restaurants with incredible photos of savory, tempting, palatable and unbelievable cuisines. In no particular order, here are some of our favorite NYC foodie Instagrams you should be following in 2017.

1. @thebrothersbuoy 

Food is a major part of @thebrothersbuoy ‘s life, and you can see it on their feed. They’re also known for their hilarious, satirical captions, that sometimes poke fun at the fact they are part of the foodie movement in NYC.

2. @eatingnyc 

If you’re visiting NYC for the first time, a new resident or you have lived in the city for some time now and are still exploring, this Instagram account is perfect for taking bite into the Big Apple.

3. @brunchboys

If you live in New York City and you don’t do brunch, are you really a true New Yorker? The @brunchboys account will make you want to check out these scrumptious brunch spots every weekend.

4. @foodbabyny

These kids’ faces say it all. Mike Chau goes around New York City with his two adorable kids, trying out the best restaurants in the area and perfecting their palates so they too can become food connoisseurs one day. Chau’s personal instagram account, @mikejchau, has even more tasty photos of food you should check out as well.

5. @newforkcity

Even if you’re a picky eater, @newforkcity can make your worst food nightmare look like a dish you have to try. New York City is a the metropolis of every foodie’s dream, and the users behind this account want to share it with the world.

6. @nycfoodgals

These @nycfoodgals know what their talking about when it comes to the best city food don’t mess around when it comes to taking delectable instas.


Sometimes you just need to spend hours scrolling through @nyceats Instagram feed to really take in the beauty of their close up, enticing food shots.

8. @evansungnyc

Evan Sung is a NYC photographer who specializes in travel, editorial, commercial and cookbook photography. Although his feed doesn’t only focus on food, he does capture some dishes that will make your lips smack.

9. @nycdining 

Skyler Bouchard wants you to follow her from restaurant, to food truck, to dive dar, as she eats her way through New York City.

10. @foodandcity

@foodandcity is known for its high standard of professional imagery. It makes you hungry just looking at it.

11. @lavivienyc

@lavivienyc deserves credit for the styling behind her photos, before completely devouring into it. Not only does this account present NYC food in a beautiful, savory way, but it also includes descriptions of what each plate is. She’ll also review the dishes, which is helpful when finding the perfect restaurant to go to.

12. @indulgenteats 

We all have to take a break from our diets and indulge once in a while, and @indulgenteats is the perfect account for figuring out what type of food you want to treat yourself with on a cheat day.

13. @hungrybetches 

Eat. Betch. Repeat. The motto of @hungrybetches and so many foodies in New York City. But in all seriousness, look at this egg sandwich… does your neighborhood deli even compete?

14. @stuffbeneats

Ben Hon has an amazing taste in food and presents it in a way that almost looks unreal. Check out his favorite dishes from all five boroughs @stuffbeneats.

15. @onemoredish

@onemoredish not only highlights the food culture of New York City, but she travels to other places in the US with equally amazing dishes.

16.  @devourpower

@devourpower is #FoodGoals and #RelationshipGoals because they quit their jobs to travel around the world and eat food, including their home base of NYC. It’s impossible to not be jealous of this profession.

17. @gilliehouston 

@gilliehouston loves New York City food and isn’t afraid to try dishes from elsewhere too.

18. @davidwma

David Ma, food stylist, director and host, cooks and shoots food from around the world. He often travels back and forth from New York City to Los Angeles, but will never pass on chances to chow down on the best grub in these cities.

19. @hungrygrls 

If you never understood the phrase “food porn,” you will after following the @hungrygrls Instagram page.

20. @cheatdayeats 

@cheatday eats will help you embrace your “cheat days,” and probably encourage you to have more when you think you shouldn’t.

21. @threadsalt

Food photography is a process, and @threadsalt wants to give you the best shots possible because it’s important for users to see the type of food they could be missing out on.

22. @ResourceBiteMe


We couldn’t resist a little shameless self-promotion. @ResourceBiteMe is run by the CEO of Resource Magazine, featuring her eclectic variety of homemade asian-inspired dishes, as well as some of the local spots she encountered.